5 Trends on the Rise for 2019

5 Trends on the Rise for 2019….While we’ve had our eyes on these trends for a little while now, we’re noticing a distinct creative resurgence on the rise, and are intrigued by the unique ways they’re finding their way into the most stylish of spaces.

From all across the globe, over the many cities we service interior design, like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, and Dallas, these are the trends our designers have seen on the forefront of trending interior design.

Layering Patterns

We’ve long been told that if we are going to incorporate patterns into a design, we need to stick with one, and make sure the colors are coordinated with others in the room. Not necessarily, especially in 2019.

Our designers have noticed an uptick in designs boasting multiple contrasting patterns, from color, to texture, to shapes. Many have mastered the use of layering and mixing patterns, and found unique ways to link them so that they work well together in the same space.

Single Statement Pieces

Do you have a fascinating piece that you wish you could put on display in a more prominent way? Designate a space for this piece and craft your room around it. Instead of focusing on spreading the decorative elements around the room, put the attention on to your prized element.

This can be anything, from a gorgeous mantel, to a wall mural, to a bold piece of art, to a large sculpture. Replicate the colors featured in your piece, and incorporate them into the rest of the room. At the same time, try not to draw too much attention to other pieces in the room, instead framing your statement piece as the star attraction.

Mixed Metals

Is there anything more luxe than metallic touches? A well-loved favorite accent by many interior designers, the ante has now been upped. Now we’re breaking free from the rule that all metals must be made of the same material and mixing golds with chrome, platinums, and more.

Scatter mixed metals around your space in handles and pulls, bar carts, trays, decor, and more. You’ll be left with a mix that falls somewhere in between classic and antique, and bold and edgy.

Natural Elements

On the other hand, natural elements are coming back in full force. Rustic has never quite gone away, per se, but natural elements have been emerging in different avenues.

Pieces made of driftwood, upscale wicker furniture, jungle-like assortments of plants, and decorative firewood are all ways that thread the connecting natural element throughout a room subtly.

If you’ve like to go for something a little bit more overt, opt for shiplap walls or wooden beams. This can be quite refreshing for those that don’t get enough of the outdoors, and bring you a natural oasis to relax in.

Art Deco

While mid-century modern has taken over 2018 with it’s callback to minimalist design, art deco takes this vintage reference in the opposite direction with a decadent, luxurious style that’s perfect for 2019. Incorporate more detail-heavy pieces that are more ornate in nature.

Even if they aren’t traditional art deco shapes, they’ll bring a classic style into a new generation. It’s an opulent, glamorous style for those with a taste for the finer things, and will leave you feeling like you’re living in luxury.

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Updated: October 31, 2018 — 8:29 pm