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How To Use This iPlanner Remodeling a bathroom will require making many choices. For example: what color, size and direc-tion do you want the tile to be?

To fully remodel, while a master bathroom can often times be much more depending on the size and complexity. You can get some good ideas on what to do, as well as get an idea of the cost without being too intrusive. One of the most important aspects of remodeling

bathroom remodeling A nice, comfortable, good-looking listens to ideas and puts the customer’s needs first. detailed Cost ProPosal other areas of your home being damaged by the remodel project. wisler plumbing

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Renovationg your bathroom using HardiGlaze® Lining 3 Gather ideas for the look of your new bathroom. Visit tvshowhomes. co.nz and view our image library for a

Before their DreamMaker remodel, Dan and Kris Radisewitz's kitchen was "alright," aesthetically. But functionally, it had many faults.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Phoenix home remodeling company, Republic West Remodeling (http://republicwestremodeling.com/), announced it is near completion on an extensive whole house remodeling project.  The project involves modernizing a 30-year old home. With a budget of $250,000, Republic West Remodeling updated and maximized the entire 3,200 square feet of

Building construction permits over $10,000 in value that were approved in Boulder between Sep. 8, 2014 to Sep. 14, 2014. Listed below are: the case number; address; total project valuation; owner name; contractor (if applicable); and description.

↑ Just five bucks under budget at $2,895, this one-bedroom in Nob Hill is in good working order, with a recent-looking remodel, natural light, sleek hardwoods, and a decent supply of storage, plus

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A Bath Room Remodel

Remodel Tips


A bath room remodel, if kept within your home’s present footprint can definitely pay off. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you make having another bathroom a reality. It can drastically increase the value of your home, making this well worth the time and financial investment you make.

Finding the Space

As you begin considering a bath room remodel, one of the first things you need to think about is where you are going to build it.

It may be relatively easy to find the space for a small half bath and many homes even have the space to add a full bath. Walk through your home and look for areas adjacent to your present bath where there’s unused space or contains things that can be relocated. Consider your basement, underneath a stairway, an oversized pantry or even a closet. Look at any space available then try and come up with an idea that makes the most sense for you.

Planning the Bath Room Remodel
Once you have an idea of where you may be able to construct your new bathroom, you need to start considering bathroom layout ideas so you can plan the space. Before you get started on your bath room remodel, however, take some time to do a little research. Find out about local building codes concerning your need to get a plumbing permit and anelectrical permit as well. Search “building permit your town” (ie. building permit dallas tx) to find out where to go, using the Google Search (right).

Making the Layout
To get a feel for the space, lay out your existing bathroom on blue line graph paper. This is what I consider the “fun” part of any remodel. Using your tape measure, first measure and draw what you have now.

If you’re planning to use the adjacent space, draw that as it is now, as well. The reason graph paper is so great is that you can draw “freehand” without a straight-edge or ruler. Simply count the squares (1 square equals 1 foot) and follow the lines.

Drawing the toilet, bath, etc. can be freehand, or use a plastic “house plan template”, available at art and drafting stores.

You’ll need this layout anyway, for permit purposes and to show the contractor(s) your ideas. Dwg. 1 (above) shows the 2 bedroom 1 bath portion of a small home as it was at the start of the remodel. Bedroom 1 has access by way of a pocket door. Dwg. 2 shows the finished penciled floor plan, as it would be shown to the building department and potential contractor(s).

Both bedrooms then would have a 28″ door access to the full bath and the new half bath (room remodel here uses the pocket door). In most jurisdictions, you need only produce a drawing similar to this to apply for your permits. Once completed, make several copies of this drawing, and keep the original in a safe place. The home is now a “bath and a half.”

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Other Considerations
This may be a serious remodel project and should be thought of as such. The two things most in need of permits (for safety) are plumbing and electrical, but framing may also come into play. Once the rough-in plumbing and electrical switches and outlets are in place, though, most jurisdictions allow homeowners to sheet-rock, tile, install doors, windows, paint, install fixtures, flooring, finishes and other things without needing other permits.

Once you have your drawing, you should talk to the building department. Their advice is free and they are experts on what you can and cannot do, both code-wise and in practice. The creativity and the finish (what will ultimately “sell” potential buyers) is yours, though. A “bath and a half” sellsmuch better than “one Bath”, and a 2 bath home is just that much better.

So, think outside the box here. Is your bath large enough to carve out room for another sink and toilet? Do you have a large adjacent guest bedroom? A large, seldom used closet next to the bath? Note the “Before” and “After” floor plans below. Not really as complicated as first appears. The larger of the bedrooms will have a smaller closet, but a private half-bath.

Pedestal sinks, corner lavatories and corner shower units are always good options. You’re going for the money, you know. You want the ads and fliers to reflect your addition. As always, its a good idea to talk with a real estate agent about your particular area and especially your specific neighborhood. You don’t want to overbuild.

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