Stained glass can be reminiscent of a time gone by or can be absolutely twenty-first century in color and design. Privacy glass is either frosted, opaque, translucent or, again, twenty-first century high tech which electronically changes from clear to milky or dark with the flip of a switch!


bathroom remodels

Every different bathroom has it’s own completely unique aspects, both positive & negative……when you come to make changes it is very important to consider them in order to get the very best from your bathroom possible!.

• Tip #1 – Consider the Bathroom Environment – Consider your bathroom environment. Bathrooms are, from time to time, somewhat damp and humid, which means you need to select materials that are durable and will stand up to the humidity. Some fabrics could mildew and wooden coverings could warp. Synthetic blinds and shutters here may be best.

• Tip #2 – Keep Your Unique Situation in Mind – Every family and every bathroom is different, so keep your unique situation in mind when choosing bathroom window treatments. Ensure that the treatments you choose are functional, easy to deal with, and meet your unique bathroom needs.

• Tip #3 – Think About Style – Of course, you don’t want to forget about style. Get creative with the treatments for your windows. Choose complimentary colors, avoid generic looking treatments, make it reflect youand be sure your choice is something you can live with.

• Tip #4 – Remember Your Privacy – Privacy is so important when choosing bathroom window treatments … especially in a guest bath. While you don’t want to eliminate your natural light, you want to make sure that no one can see in. Choose an option that keeps your bathroom private without eliminating the sun!.

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