Search any of the terms or words you just read or floating deckdiy wooden deck or build your own wood deck. Also, check out the books below. Mouse over an image to see customer review ratings and price, and click image for more info. Before doing anything, though, check with your city or county to see if you’ll need a building permit. Or search building department your city or building permit your city (ie. building permit dallas tx) using the Google Custom Search Box (upper right). Once you know what’s required, you can go ahead and, if you do need a permit, submit your plans.

All you need (besides the materials) is a tape measure, 7″ circular saw, drill, hammer, square and a 24″ or 36″ level.

It’s fairly easy to build your own wood deck, but it does take time. The floating deck system could have you cranking up the barbie in a couple of days or so, while a standard deck may take a few weekends.

Also, make sure you’re using the right fasteners (screws or nails) as the treated wood today eats some fastener materials over time! If your deck collapses five years from now and someone gets injured, you may be liable. In this case, if you didn’t pull a permit and one was required, you may be in real trouble. Galvanized is usually good, hot dip galvanized is better, and may be required by code.

And, there are many ways to illuminate your new deck. Solar outdoor lighting is something the DIY homeowner can easily do themselves with no code or permit requirements. This is the best and most environmentally responsible way to light up your backyard or deck, with lots of options for the homeowner!

Building a deck is a medium large project and should be treated as such. But the satisfaction and the equity build it provides (whether you haveprofessional help or not) will make it all worth it. Not to mention the feeling you’ll get when one of your outdoor party guests says “You actually builtthis yourself?”

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