Make everything visible. Being able tosee all your shirts, ties, shoes and whatever means you have a better range of choices when you get dressed. Look into see-through wire bins, acrylic or glass front drawers and doors, dividers, and belt, shoe and tie racks.

About that floor. The floor of a closet matters, because you’ll be standing on it in your bare feet nearly every day. Here’s a one of the cheap closet ideas you’d never think of. Keep an eye out for closeout laminate flooring. You could pick up enough to floor a 6′ X 8′ closet for less than a hundred dollars. Its an easy job to do, especially if there’s two of you, and lam floors are surprisingly warm and easy to clean.

Are you really cheap? Spend a few hours at your local building supply salvage. People give away closet systems for new and improved all the time. Search building supply your city or salvage your city (ie. building supply miami fl) using the Google Custom Search Box (right). If you’ve never been, these places are absolutely incredible!!! I once bought a near new, perfect condition Hunter 5 blade, 52″ contemporary brushed nickel ceiling fan for $10! Cheap Closet Ideas

Are you reeeeeallllly cheap? Buy one or a couple of $20 plastic shelving units. The image at the left represents a $20, 5 shelf, 28″ wide, 5 ft. high plastic unit available at Target. If you have 7 ft. of linear space, buy 2 ($40) and make a couple of 2 shelf units (under the shirts and short coats?) and a third unit using the leftover materials to go up to 6 shelves high.

You can configure the shelves in a dozen different ways, by simply adding or removing the poles and shelves. If you’re good with a hacksaw, or have a bandsaw, you can even “customize” the heights. Once you have all your sweaters, shoes, jeans and whatever on them they may look great! Search cheap closet ideas or cheap shelf systemsusing the Bing Custom Search Box right ->

There’s usually LOTS of wasted space below the shirts and short coats. How many long hanging things do you have? Are there things hanging that should be folded? Vise-versa? Could the door be a shoe rack? Put some thought into it. Go online and see what’s there. Do some drawing. Cruise the cheap closet ideas at the Big Boxes, discount department stores and thrift stores.

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