Turn Junk into Art
Have you seen the junk art that is in style today? Rusty old shovels, spare bolts, mufflers, and other odd shaped metal pieces can be welded together to create all kinds of art forms. Some look like people, or a cat playing a fiddle, Cheap Decorating Ideasor an angel. Others are just random free-form modern art. If you have an old junk heap you can access (wear gloves), modern art ideas are only a thought away.

Gather your courage, get out there and rent some welding gear. Weld some pieces yourself to create wall art or sculptures (youcan screw stuff together too, you know), or call a few welding shops and get some quotes. You’d be surprised at what you can get for less than $50.

Going through junk is where lots of great art and cheap decorating ideas come from. And consider perusing local building salvage yards if your town’s large enough to have one or two. Search building salvage your town or building materials used your town (ex: building salvage dallas tx) using the Bing Search Box right.

Add Fresh Plants
Decorating with indoor plants and flowers meshes perfectly with these other cheap decorating ideas. Did you know that every year gardeners prune flowers and other plants from their landscaping and their gardens because some plants simply become too invasive and begin to take over? Most would be only too happy to find a new home for some of their spare greens. Check with an avid gardener you know and

Cheap Decorating Ideas

see if she needs to thin out some of her flowers or plants and then use them to create a flowering window box or put some potted plants in your home. They’re eco-friendly, and they don’t have to cost you a cent. Here’s a really, really cheap decorating idea. You can pot plants in almost anything you have in the house—from an old rubber boot, if the spirit moves you, to an abandoned fish bowl or anything in between.

Remix It
Never underestimate the value of simply rearranging the stuff you already own. Give your decor a total remix, but don’t limit it to items in the same room. Take some of the things you were using in your bedroom and move that into the dining room using it in a fresh, new way, not just duplicating the arrangement you had before. Pull decorative bowls out of the cupboard and put them on open shelves. Group collections of things. Put some things away! If you have too much clutter, nothing gets seen. It’s often better to simply put out one nice piece at a time and then alternate periodically.

With a little imagination and a new way of looking at your home, you can replicate an upscale look at a fraction of the price. Keep your mind open for ideas by shopping clearance sales, frequenting garage sales in the better neighborhoods, and searching for those really cheap decorating ideas anywhere you can find them. One idea will often spawn another, and you’re limited only by your imagination!.

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