• Never Mix Water and Electricity
Another tip for electrical safety in the home is to never mix water and electricity. Appliances should not be in areas where they could contact water. If an appliance ever falls into the water, don’t pull it out until you have cut the power atthe breaker box. Only then the appliance should be unplugged (using drywork gloves). You can now safely remove it from the water. Whenever you’re working with appliances or outlets, make sure your hands are dry to avoid electric shock.

• Use GFCIs Where Appropriate
If you are remodeling in an area where water is used, particularly the utility room, bathroom or kitchen, by code you must use GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets. These are special outlets that are designed to interrupt power very quickly so that you’re not shocked. Once you have these outlets in place, test them on a regular basis. There are two buttons marked “TEST” and “RESET” on the face.

All outdoor outlets, by code, need to be GFCI and if yours are not, replace them. Its easy to do. Simply pull out the existing outlet and replace it with a GFCI outlet. See home electrical repair. As always, be sure the breakerswitch controlling the particular item or area is off before beginning. And make sure the new outlet (or switch) fits the wall plate (right).

• Be Extra Careful Around Electricity Outdoors
If you’re working, cooking or playing outdoors, there are special concerns to keep in mind. Avoid using tools or electrical BBQ appliances in wet conditions or in the rain (even a slight drizzle is dangerous). Inspect the plugs on outdoor tools on a regular basis. If you use an extension cord, make sure it is the right one for your needs and one that is made especially for the outdoors. Outdoor extension cords are marked “Heavy Duty”, “For Outdoor Use” or similar.

Your safety and the safety of your family is important, which is why electrical safety in the home is so important. Keep these tips in mind and always be very careful when working around electricity. You want to be around to enjoy your next do-it-yourself project, don’t you?.

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