A feng shui map creates a basic grid of these nine separate areas. Take the layout of your home or your home blueprint and place it over or beneath the bagua map to evaluate how your space is laid out according to the feng shui principles. Focusing on the elements of your home and the areas of your life each grid on your map relates to, you can then utilize furniture placement and even feng shui colors to align the energy in your home so that it flows more unrestricted.

You may opt to change wall or carpet colors based on what you learn from the map, rearrange furnishings, remove clutter, or incorporate decorative items in specific colors to help foster a focus on increasing energy in certain areas or to focus on particular elements of your life.

If you’re remodeling your home or redecorating, why not employ the benefits of feng shui while you do it? Most of us could use extra positive energy in our lives. Utilizing this map is a great way to add more positive energy in your environment!

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