• Placement of objects: The placement of objects also needs to follow feng shui. Crystals, clocks and mirrors need to be placed appropriately. Knowing this as it applies to your Office Feng Shui is critical for attracting wealth and prosperity.

• Sheng Chui and Sha Chi: The long and complex feng shui history reveals that the positive and negative energies are known as Sheng Chui and Sha Chi respectively. A bright, airy and organized environment can attract positive energy. Fresh flowers, plants and good lighting can help you to enhance the positive energy in your home. Conversely, dark, cluttered, confusing space may even attract negative forces.

• Avoid Clutter: This is the most important advice for feng shui beginners. Clutter can create energy blockages and should be avoided at all costs. This alone opens your home up to receive positive energy.

If you want to know more about clearing out the clutter in your life, click Making Room For What Really Matters! Here you’ll find free, comprehensive information and ideas devoted to helping you “Clear Your Clutter to Transform Your Life.” This is basic to Feng Shui.

Of course, we’ve barely scratched the surface here. Feng Shui is a well respected method of interior design and there are many, many resources you can access online and through your library.

It all began by ancient deep thinkers attempting to create the most balanced living environment. Through trial and error (some even from feng shui beginners) it has evolved and perfected itself for thousands of years. So … maybe you should experiment, too.

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