Remember that a large part of feng shui and utilizing feng shui colors in your decorating is about achieving balance and harmony. Knowing the meanings of particular colors according to feng shui rules can help you do this.

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For instance, here are some feng shui colors and their corresponding meaning or symbolism:

• Blue – healing, love, faith, honor, truth, peace, tranquility, adventure, trustworthiness
• Black – money, success, power, strength, emotional protection, new beginnings, the end of conflict
• Purple – spiritual awareness and mental and physical healing, truth, passion, creativity
• White – purity, confidence, poise
• Brown – reliability, faithfulness
• Navy blue – wisdom and intellect
• Yellow – friendliness, openness, warmth, honor, prestige, but also stubbornness
• Orange – creativity, organization, lofty aspirations
• Gold – good luck
• Gray – disharmony, lack of balance (avoid this)
• Green – growth, wealth, and money, but also dishonesty, infidelity, and envy
• Red – good luck, high energy, emotion, temper

As you can see, most colors have both positive and negative attributes. This is the primary reason for balance and harmony. Excessive use of any one color can create discord in your living space.

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