4. Be very aware of your environment. Look around you and consciously think about the placement of furnishings. Rearrange them to provide for an open flow of chi and remove anything that is an obstacle. As a general rule, place furnishings where you see peaceful and inviting things when you come in, rise in the morning or want to relax. If anything creates uncomfortable feelings, get rid of it.

5. Use calm, relaxing colors in your living space. Blues, greens, and white, for example, are calming colors. Avoid bright, energy intensive colors like red, orange, and hot pink that get your heart racing and increase your blood pressure-unless you are using them deliberately to attract a particular energy attribute to a specific space. For instance, red accents can provide energy, passion, and drive to achieve great things when placed effectively in your office..

6. Incorporate natural elements like water and earth elements into your décor. Use the real thing rather than imitation products. For instance, add a soothing water fountain for the tranquil sound of streaming water. Real plants rather than silk or fake plants. Use natural stones, grasses, and moss. Nature is an important source of energy in life and should be incorporated.

The term “feng shui” actually means “wind water” in Chinese, which embrace nature and natural positive energy. Surround yourself with positive energy and keep that energy-or chi as it is called-in all areas of your life.

So open yourself up to the chi when it comes your way. Embrace these simple feng shui rules that can help improve your living space. And enjoy the rewards of a very feng shui space.

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