Sometimes plates are wood-screwed to the wall or a section of wood. If those screws are loose, its because the hole became enlarged caused by vibration or shaking. See if you can tell what’s wrong. Use a longer screw to replace the one you took out or coat the old screw with Liquid Nails® or wood putty and gently screw it back in along with the other screws and don’t use the door for 24 hours.

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Look at the Springs
Trying to fix garage door problems can be serious if a spring is broken. Swing-up doors have a spring on either side that is hooked into notches or holes. Roll-up doors have two tension springs woundtightly just above the door opening. If one of these springs break (image right), you cannot open the door!

Garage door motors don’t lift your heavygarage door, which can weigh over 200 pounds. They simply move it from closed to open because the springs have made the door virtually weightless.

Unless you’re a daredevil looking for adventure, you might want to leave garage door repair to the pros!. The heavy duty springs on a garage doorare dangerous and dirty and it only costs about $150-$250 to have a professional deal with the problem. But if you’d like to save a few hundred, search fix broken garage spring on YouTube and decide if you’re up to it.

Fix garage door problems as you find them is always the best way to go. Of course, if you press your garage door remote and nothing happens, the problem may be really simple. You may need to just replace the batteries!

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