Even a free landscape design should include laying down weed barrier materials (black plastic trash bags, cut and spread open, is an acceptable choice) and rocks, stones, or other free landscape design elements; building the height of the area up if you want it to be a raised bed; or bringing in more suitable soil for the plants you will use.

Once you know what kind of plants you are looking for, talk to friends and relatives. They, or someone they know, may be thinning out their plantings and would be willing to share their excess with you. Totally free landscape design materials. Many plants can be split when planted, thus multiplying them quickly and easily. For example, if one friend gives you a single Hosta—or similar—plant from her yard, you can split it into four that will all grow to full size after just a season or two.

Light It Up
Add lighting to highlight the new additions to your backyard. Small, solar-powered or low voltage path and walkway lights are perfect forshowcasing your smart and free landscape design ideas. Solar lights are inexpensive and easy to install, by just pushing them into the ground wherever you want. Low voltage lights are nearly as easy, too. You can also purchase a couple of solar spotlights to aim at the fountain to highlight it more prominently after dusk. Solar powered yard lights today are definitely the way to go.

To see what’s available in solar powered garden lighting, check out Solar Power Garden Lights. Here you’ll find free landscape design ideas and expert advice on ways to give your garden or backyard a new look with free lighting!

Make It Look Natural
While some people prefer formal designs, most prefer more informal landscape ideas for their backyards, as they seem more natural. Just as using a free-form shape for your feature area creates a more casual look, planting in seemingly “random” configurations also makes for a more interesting, natural style. In other words, don’t plant everything in neat and tidy rows unless, of course, you like that look.

Add Color and Interest
You can also add a wonderful pop of color to your backyard with potted annuals. Especially when your landscaping is fresh and new, and the plants haven’t matured to their full-grown size, you may feel like something is missing. It may just look a little too sparse. This is the perfect time to bring in potted flowers in various colors to add interest and fill in the gaps. You can even set some of the pots on stones to elevate them, or simply use different sized pots, arranged randomly, to create a multi-dimensional effect and very close to free. Landscape design utilizing a small bench, a few birdhouses, or some statuary or art to your backyard oasis adds personality and focus.

Small Yard? Keep It Simple
If you have a small yard, just keep the landscaped area in proportion. The smaller the area you’ve designated for your landscaping project, the fewer the items you probably need. Remember, its easier to get complex—by adding and adding things—than to get simple. Search small yard landscapingfree landscape design orlandscape back yard using the Google Custom Search Box (upper right).

Happy landscaping!!

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