Green Bath Fixtures

Good low-flow or water-saving faucets and showerheads deliver whatfeels like full-volume water. They provide equal or better performance than conventional fixtures, while saving water costs, water heating costs, sewage costs, and more. Low-flow showerheads that are designed to federal standards (2.5 gpm at 80 psi) incorporate a narrower spray area and a greater mix of air and water than conventional showerheads.

You now can buy faucets that automatically shut off at pre-set times, are hands free (meaning they come on as your hand moves under them) and are temperature set to deliver a pre-set temp each time they’re turned on.

There are new residential fixtures with foot and leg controls that function like those you see in doctor’s and dentist’s offices!

And atomizers that deliver water in small but abundant droplets to cover larger surface areas, pulsators that vary spray patterns with pauses between spurts or by pulsating between strong flow and light mist,aerators that mix water droplets with air to cover the desired surface area and regulators that can be set to reduce or stop the water flow when the user needs (for shampooing, lathering, etc.). Search low flow fixtures.

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An Overview

Green materials and ecological design are cutting edge ways to implement sound health and hygiene practices, ensuring that clean water, clean air and healthy environments remain available for everyone. Your bathroom is a great place to start getting green!

1. For an updated version of a classic backsplash, look into recycled glass, ceramic or porcelain tiles for the walls—now available in every color and sheen imaginable. You even have the option of choosing eco-friendly caulk!

2. Of course you should opt for environmentally friendly countertops. There are new products and materials coming on the market all the time.

3. For vanities and cabinets, avoid materials like particle board that contain formaldehyde. Instead, seek out sustainably harvested woods or rapidly renewable materials like bamboo, wheat straw, or sunflower plants bound with resins free of volatile organic compounds.

4. Effective ventilation makes for a more enjoyable and healthier bathroom. Operable windows and good ventilation systems are a good way to keep fresh air circulating through the space.

5. Consider what will flow out with the water as it leaves the bathroom. Live in compliance with your commitment to a clean environment and your green bathroom remodel by thinking about the use and disposal ofcleaning and body care products before you buy them.

6. Think about low flow faucets for both the sink and the showerhead. As listed above, this is a great way to save money and help save the planet.

7. If you don’t like linoleum, there are other flooring choices to consider. Finished bamboo and cork will give your floor a new, edgy look and recycled materials and Earth-friendly laminates come in a wide range of styles and colors.

8. A low flow toilet might be your first consideration, as the savings are there immediately and will continue year after year. If you have a home built in this century, however, you may just have the right one already.

If you have a remote vacation home or live outside the city, consider acomposting toilet. Many of these use no water at all, require no septic system, turn the waste into organic matter and will never clog or overflow!

And while you’re thinking and planning, the bathroom designs featured on this website ( might just be the spark you need!.


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