Of course, if you really need brand new cabinets, there are a few things to look for to ensure you get greenkitchen cabinets. First, if you want hardwood cabinets, look for hardwood that is FSC certified. This third party certifies the wood to be both grown and harvested with practices that are environmentally responsible. Another option is to go with woods that have been reclaimed.

Maybe you are not a fan of a kitchen done in wood. There are other options to choose from that are green too. Metal cabinets, recycled aluminum, recycled glass, and even end grain bamboo are all materials that are green choices for cabinet materials.

Other Easy Tips for Green Kitchens!

New eco-friendly, green kitchen cabinets may be a big step for you to make, and luckily, there are other easier things to do.

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One great idea is to use fluorescent lighting in the kitchen, which can cut the energy use in half. Natural light should be used as much as possible.

Tubular skylights, costing less than $200, are great for the environment, not to mention your electric bill. Having a recycling bin or area in your kitchen is a great way to get your whole family recycling.

Simply using your microwave more often can cut down on the time it takes to cook meals, reducing energy use. Going with environmentally friendly flooring, such as bamboo or cork is a great green choice too.

Having a greener kitchen, wherever you start, is a great first step. And you can add elements little by little, including green kitchen cabinets. With a few changes here and there, you can make a very positive impact on the environment. For more green ideas, tips or information, browse this site and use the Bing Custom Search on the right -> to search the web.

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