Clay paint is one of the most common natural paints. It’s composed of earth-based minerals and uses mostly water
as a solvent. It produces an adobe look for your home and,
if that appeals to you, organic clay paint may be a good choice for your entire green home remodeling project.

Colors range from natural earth tones to an assortment of blue, white, and orange tints. These paints adhere to most surfaces, require only two coats (like most standard paints) and are also an effective odor-absorber.

Soy Paints

Soy bean oil alone is totally non-toxic, but it does not make good paint, as it needs to first be converted into an alkyd or polyester. These are both energy intensive processes which increase toxicity. They often require considerable energy and petrochemicals to make an alkyd resin. Also, soy paints tend to raise the grain of new drywall. They dry slow, have a vegetable oil odor and can be allergenic. Technology is improving every day, so soy paints may soon be a viable solution.

There are also paints made to fight germs, reduce mold and mildew and even paint that’s paint and primer in one! To keep up, you might want to drift into a paint store sometime soon and ask “what’s new?”.

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