Surprisingly, the style of the furnishings makes little difference. Most people have their own style and, at least while looking at homes for sale, tend to overlook all others. Eclectics will see hundreds of places they can add stuff and minimalists will see where their sparse furnishings can improve the space!

Idea #3 – Give the buyer a gentle nudge. If you’re still living there, you could leave just enough out so the rooms look “lived in” but that’s all. Everything not needed, box up and take to storage or stack in the garage. But, if you have a “spare room” (called a “catch-all” by some) consider putting one bed or couch along with a shelf unit or dresser.

This might be the place to neatly stack some boxes against a blank wall and place your luggage neatly on the bed. The impression this gives is you’re packing up anticipating a quick sale and plan on moving soon. Be sure and dust occasionally if the sale takes longer than anticipated.

Idea #4 – Rent or borrow the look. Home staging furniture can be inexpensively rented and you can borrow sculptures, posters and reproductions (and even a few books) from your library. One or two nicely framed posters can absolutely change the space.

If you have a few chairs, tables and other furnishings you plan on selling in a garage sale, hold off until you sell the home. Mix these with your rented and borrowed furnishings.

Your only goal is selling your home! Taking the time to stage your home can make a huge impact on buyers. Simply implementing some attractivehome staging furniture techniques can speed up the sale of your home and it may even help you get a much higher price. In these times, one needs to do what one can, you know.

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