Learning and using home staging techniques can be an important step to take to sell your home quickly and create a higher value. If you're wondering how you can sell your home in this economy, staging can be the answer. That's why professionals charge so much for staging homes. Here are some important staging techniques you can use on your own for free.

Technique #1 - Start with Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of the most important home staging techniques. You need to make a great first impression on prospective buyers and, obviously, the front of your home and property will be the first thing they see. Take a walk or drive down your street and consider what you would think if you first saw the front of your home. How would you react as a buyer? How does your home look compared to other homes surrounding it?

Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and create curb appeal that will grab their attention and make a positive first impression. This can be done by carefully manicuring your lawn, cleaning or even painting the front of your home, and ensuring there are no weeds or distractions, such as children's things, bicycles or ugly anythings.

 Technique #2 - De-clutter Your Home

Another home staging technique you definitely need to implement is de-cluttering your home. Clutter can quickly ruin your chances of selling. Clutter not only makes your home look smaller, but it can make your home "feel" dirty. Work to eliminate all clutter. If you're somewhat of a pack rat or horder, you may need to hire someone.

 Technique #3 - Carefully Clean Everything

Before you list it, carefully clean everything in your home. As you clean, imagine yourself as the buyer. What will your potential buyer think if the bathrooms, windows, kitchen, carpets, and other areas of the home are dirty? Cleaning your home is free ... and vacuuming, scrubbing, and dusting will go a long way towards preparing your home to sell for a better price.

 Technique #4 - De-Personalize

As you are eliminating clutter and cleaning your home, remove or hide "personal" items, especially that risqué poster in your bedroom or the "Real Men Scratch Where it Itches" sign in the family room. This doesn't mean eliminating personality, but you need to remove items that make the home too much yours. Remember that potential buyers are looking for a space that they can make personal. You never know what offends.

Keep these items out of view in bathrooms (no magazine rack beside the toilet), take down family photos, and even pack up personal collections, like trophies, dolls and hobbies. You don't want prospective buyers thinking they're violating someone else's private space! You want them to start to claim the home as their own. And, they may look in cabinets and under sinks!

Technique #5 - Make Every Room Count

People pay for the number of rooms in a home, which means that every room needs to stand on it's own. You want buyers to walk away remembering each room and thinking about ideas for those rooms. Make sure every room takes advantage of every one of your home staging techniques. Each room should be clean, devoid of clutter and de-personalized, of course, but even more than that, viewers should be able to see the purpose in every room. And, more important still, viewers should be guided into thinking of ways they could use each room. 

Technique #6 - Make Sure it Smells Good

Finally, ensuring your home smells good is one of the most important home staging techniques. When you walk into any home, what do you think about the smells? Every home smells like something. And, most people don't smell their own. If your's smells like trash, cat litter, cigarette smoke or who-knows-what, you'll lose buyers.

They'll be turned off. Pleasant aromas make people feel comfortable. A fresh smell makes the entire home "feel" better. In fact, many professional home stagers and Realtors® report that the smell of cookies, baked goods and florals psychologically affects buyers and actually makes them much more likely to buy! A bowl of potpourri or a plug-in will work wonders.

Make the most of these simple and cheap home staging techniques. Take the needed time to implement them and you'll enjoy the benefits of a higher price and less time waiting for a sale!

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