MONTANA FARM HOUSE PLANS 5 Plan No. 1007 This one-storyhouse is 28 x 40 feet. The first fool' has a combination dining and living room, a kitchen,

William II. First Floor. Second house envelope of conditioned space. All figures are approximate. These images are artists’ renderings and are for reference only; actual construction including materials and floor plans may vary per community. We reserve the right to change plans

SHEET A1.0 FLOOR PLAN SHEET A2.0 ELEVATIONS SHEET E1.0 ELECTRICAL PLAN Three Bedroom Housing Unit Housing Cherokee Nation Tahlequah, Oklahoma Project Manager: Jim Newcomb, AIA, PE License 01-033112 E1.0 3 Bedroom Electrical Plan A Scale: 1/4" = 1'-0"

William II. First Floor. Second Floor *Rev 3.28.2014 © Crown Communities 2014 Footage combines LSF plus unconditioned space of garage. Heated Square Footage (HSF) is calculated by the overall house envelope actual construction including materials and floor plans may vary per

Combinations to flexible floor plans, steel homes allow for the ability to create the Actual blueprints may vary slightly from illustrated floor plans. Copyright © 2008. Icon Building Systems, All rights reserved. Phone: 830.372.4266 Toll Free: 888.798.8794 Fax: 888.377.4267 Corporate Office

1999 WILDERNESS ULTRALITE FLOOR PLANS Some models may not be available from all manufacturing plants. Floor plans are subject to change during the model year.

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Small House Floor Plans!

Remodel Tips

Small House Floor Plans

Small house floor plans are those incorporating less than 1000 square feet of interior space. This is pretty much accepted as the rule of thumb, but it hasn’t always been so. In the fifties, the average American home (with 2.7 children) was 1100 square feet. Today the average family lives in just over twice that. But, a trend seems to indicate people are beginning to explore the idea of living with less … space, that is.

Small living environments, such as a beach house, a bungalow, a well designed RV, a nice cottage, a ranch plan or a really cool unusual house provide lots of choices and unique living options!

But, if your particular small house floor plans mean you’re already in a small house and plan to stay there and improve it, you’re not alone.

If you plan to put your home up for sale, however, check out the info here: Home Staging – The comprehensive home staging website detailing staging careers, training and DIY home staging.

Outdoor and indoor cooking options to compliment your smaller home can be found at GAS GRILLS! Here you’ll find Hibachis, grills, smokers and many unique accessories. Hibachis and small homes just seem to go together.

There are certain adjustments you’ll need to make to condition yourself to living full time in a small house, especially if you’re used to “living large.”Floor plans do make a difference, but let’s work with what you have.

What home remodeling or improvements information are you looking for?. Try a local BING search of our site for your answers. The search box is in the right column, just enter your search term & CLICK!.


• A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place
Floor space is a premium. Like retail space, the actual small house floor plans or area is valuable real estate! If you are like most of us, you get a little careless when putting things away at times, but that habit becomes more and more problematic the less space you have. What worked in your 2600 sq. ft. suburban home may not work in a 986 sq. ft. bungalow. You should really concentrate on developing cabinets, closets and storage areas (floor to ceiling, if possible) to hold your possessions, where you can A) see them easily, B) get to them easily and C) make sense of it.

• Keep Your House Floor Plan Always in Mind
The configuration of the actual “footprint”, what we’re calling the house floor plan, is your guide to creating space. A long, skinny home has different possibilities than a square home. Attic “space” might be turned into attic storage, or even living space, if allowed by the codes. If you don’t have a set of house floor plans of your home, and you intend to do any major work, remember; hand-drawn—if accurate—is usually accepted for permits.

• Think: “Double Duty”
LOTS of things can have a split personality, and add precious space to your house floor plan! A window seat that becomes storage for all your guest blankets, pillows and sheets, a futon for a couch, a covered deckwith a vegetable garden, the kitchen window for “living” herbs and spices … well you get the picture.

• Think About your Acquisitions
Here’s a cool mindset to get into; when considering a purchase, think of something you can live without. Especially if the thing you are considering takes up floor space. For instance, you’d like to have a new recliner. Can you live without that flower-patterned ottoman? An espresso machine? How about trashing that ugly little piggy cookie jar?

• Use the Vertical Space
Look around. Your house floor plans don’t tell the whole space story. Concentrate only on the space between the top of cabinets or shelving and the ceiling. A three foot wide shelving unit has about six square feet of useable space on top! Your refrigerator has maybe twice that.

No matter how much you try and cut down on your possessions, you’ll most likely have some things you seldom use. This is the place for those things. Get a folding step stool you can store beside that refrigerator.

• Think Outside the Corrugated Cardboard Box
Here’s an idea; Get a box large enough to put everything you keep shuffling around (all those things constantly in your way whenever you’re looking for something you actually need) and only take one at a time out as you need it and don’t put it back in the box. In six months, see what’s left. What you’ll be looking at are those items that are continually plotting to make your life more confusing and cluttered. Feel good that you foiled their scheme and act accordingly.

… for any questions, concerns or problems on a remodeling or landscaping project, just click the carpenter’s pencil above. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours with solutions or advice on where to get solutions.
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