Probably the first thing to tackle in order to learn how to do plumbing yourself is how to fix drips. You’ll really feel like a plumber doing this. Its the cleanest, easiest and most rewarding of the plumbing fixes. Drips happen inside the fixture (spigot or faucet) and the fix is almost always a rubber washer, “o” ring or gasket. Drips are annoying, but generally don’t ruin anything. The important issue is that drips waste gallons and gallons of water! Click DRIPS for ways to fix these.

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Learning how to do plumbing yourself using basic plumbing tools will help you to take care of most of the problems. If you’ve tried all the simple solutions, though, be safe about hiring someone. Click the image below for free quotes from licensed, fast, guaranteed plumbers in your area.

emergency plumber

Plumbers are valuable resources for remodels, big jobs and emergencies, but not so much for saving you money on small or really simple things.

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