For a more “standard” nursery, you can find second-hand furniture and refinish yourself. Germ inhibiting paint is available at some paint stores, allowing you to create a wild – and safe – environment.

Art prints make fantastic interior decorating ideas for any room of your home. They don’t have to be expensive either. Try your hand at a blank canvas. Just pick the colors or style that you’d like to have in a room, and let your imagination take over. Who knows … you may find your “calling” for the cost of some paint and a blank canvas.

For a really wild decorating idea, how about FRAMED CAT COASTERS!! These beautiful original artworks can be purchased with a frame that holds from one to four tiles for that unique visual experience! Personalized tile coasters made from your photos are also available.”

Interior Decorating Ideas

Finally, consider Feng Shui when it comes to your interior decorating ideas. Even if you don’t understand the idea of Feng Shui, there is no arguing that millions of people use this method of design. Click on the link here and you, too, may soon be looking into some Feng Shui interior decorating ideas! The arrangement of the furniture, the colors, their position to one another and traffic flow can actually seem to attract more energy into a room.
A resource dedicated to helping people new to Feng Shui, learn the importance of providing everyone in their home and business with supportive surroundings. A healthy, uplifting home and business environment sets the stage for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Feng Shui Decorating Tips
Offers essential tips, articles and advice about Feng Shui, including best bed placement, bedroom tips, office furniture and location and many other important topics.

For the weekend warrior, warrior team or for a family who simply wants to make some quick and easy changes to their home, click on the links above for different interior decorating ideas that could work wonders in yourcastle. It could be a great way to take you to that next level, and turn your home into one that you can really feel great about!

If you have any cool ideas
for improving your home on a shoestring, please let us know! If we use your idea we’ll include it in this web site! And, we’ll give you credit, if you wish! Don’t worry about spelling or grammar, we can deal with that. Just click HERE.


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