This is also a great time to talk to someone about the tools your child might need. Remember; tools are not toys. Kids need durable tools made of the same (or similar) materials as grown up tools. Choose only a few that you’ll need for the specific task(s) you need to accomplish now and let the child know you’re buying those just for them. They won’t be stored where the toys go, though, they’ll go where your tools go.

Hopefully, you’ll have time to at least start the planned project soon after you get home, as the excitement factor is probably highest then. Start slow and take time to show the child how to safely use their new tool and get dirty if you’re working with dirt. Keep it real and you’ll be forming a life process they’ll respect you for forever!

Do this every time a new project, or another phase of the project, is planned even after you’ve purchased all the tools they need, and soon they’ll be digging, clipping, planting and harvesting all by themselves. The first time you prepare, or help them prepare, the veggies for lunch or dinner will be a celebration they’ll always remember!

To get a handle on what’s available for your child or children, search kids garden tools or garden tool sets for children using the Custom Bing Search Box on the right side of this page. Then, get out there and grow something together!.

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