If you’re changing out only the doors, check out RIGID THERMOFOIL (RTF), a relatively new product made to give the look of real wood with wood grain and colors. A great choice if you want cabinet doors that will last!

If your old wood doors look okay, just old, maybe you can achieve the same effect by sanding and painting them. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference a little paint makes … especially in the kitchen. If you’d like to see some really great ideas on cabinet refinishing techniques, click on kitchen cabinet refinishing.

Or, if your doors are real wood (and not laminate over MDF) and just look a little worn, stain ’em! You can purchase gel stain or polyurethane stain at the Big Boxes, hardware stores or paint retailers.

Always take the doors off, remove all hardware and sand with a medium grade sandpaper, then a finishing sandpaper.

You can stain them darker, but you’ll have to test on an inconspicuous area first. For instance, if the wood is dark walnut you might be able to use a walnut or darker stain. Be sure to clean the wood really well, using a strong cleaner and sand smooth. Your kitchen cabinet plans just might become reality sooner than you think!….

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