Inexpensive to Upper-Moderate: Sheets are $10 or less sq ft., molded/beveled edge or custom designs range between $16-$30 sq ft. and for professionally installed laminate kitchen countertops, you can expect to pay from $25-$65 (or higher!) sq ft.

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Butcher Block has an edgy, new look with an industrial flair as well as a “homey” appearance. Hey … butcher block kitchen countertops have been around since, well, countertops.

They come in a variety of woods and wood tones and these solid structures are what butchers cut and package meat on because of their durability, hardness and ability to withstand just about any type of force. Their solid surface means that there is nowhere for germs and bacteria to grow, unlike other materials, which may scratch or get nicked.

Most do-it-yourself centers and home improvement stores carry wide selections of butcher block material and can custom cut it to any size you need. Some of the the finest kitchens feature butcher block counters throughout. They are natural, beautiful, practical, renewable and, contrary to popular belief, one of the very safest, most sanitary kitchen work surfaces available.

Warmth and beauty adding value to your home and recognized as high end. Soap and water is all you need to clean and, if you re-oil every month or so, the finish could look new for years and years. They can be sanded if they become stained or scratched.

Because its real wood, you do have to be somewhat careful. No hot pans and some foods could stain. Water may cause damage. To preserve the kitchen countertops for as long as possible, remember to keep it away from any sources of water such as taps or drinking water sources. Wipe up any spilled waterimmediately if not sooner.

Moderate: For a few hundred to maybe around a thousand dollars (depending on sales, wood types and the extent of labor you’re willing to do yourself) you could have a nice upscale kitchen for less than you think.


Solid Surface counters are just that (solid) so, any scratches can be sanded out. These kitchen countertops are custom-made to your specifications, and can be installed by pros or possibly you. Ask around at your favorite home improvement retailer or hardware store and talk it up with anyone who’ll talk to you. You might be surprised at how reasonably some solid surface kitchen countertops cost.

DIYers have always been frustrated about solid-surface kitchen countertops, though, because they pretty much had to be installed by professionals … until recently. For now, go talk to the salespeople at the Big Boxes and kitchen countertop retailers.

Comes in a rainbow of colors and patterns, its seamless and stainresistant. Solid surface kitchen countertops can be edged like no other and will look new for decades. Their non-porous surface keeps bacteria away, and scratches can be sanded out.

Solid surface kitchen countertops are not meant to have hot pans placed on them and if stained are somewhat difficult to fix and difficult to fabricate without special tools and expertise. They can be damaged cutting on them and they are expensive if you get all the bells and whistles, such as tricked out edges and molded backsplashes.

Moderate to expensive: Depending which way you go and which product/design/material you choose, you can spend between a lot and a fortune. Look for sales.

The main thing to remember here is to keep an open mind, have fun with it and keep to your budget. You may even finish the kitchen countertops and decide that the cabinets don’t really look that bad. Maybe all the kitchen needs now is a new floor!

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