Adding some color and texture to the kitchen with window treatments, such as blinds, is another of the kitchen decorating ideas you could consider. Hot right now are Roman shades, made of bamboo and natural fibers. Or, a valance over the sink. Simple things like hanging fabric or even square linen napkins or lightweight placemats over a curtain rod. Or, head to a big box. Curtains for small kitchen windows, in some cases are only about $20 for brand new.

Maybe you’re just tired of the way your appliances look, but you can’t replace them right now. Why not update them? One of the most striking kitchen decorating ideas is to simply replace the fronts of your refrigerator, range or dishwasher. Search “reface appliance”, “appliance front”, etc using the Bing Custom Search box located on the right of this page. Another option is to purchase appliance paint and give the appliances a brand new look. You can even “faux” ’em!

Speaking of which, updating the counters is a great way of changing the kitchen. But that’s expensive, and there’s no way around that, is there? Do you love the look of stone counters? If so, you can get that look without the high price. All you need is the right paint.

There are tough, resilient products available and books now on how to paint a faux stone finish. No kidding, painted countertops. It is a bit difficult, but if you’ll take the time to practice first, you’ll soon be able to wow your family and your guests! It’ll cost about $50 or so to get counters that look like they cost thousands!

 Also, think about new flooring for the kitchen. It need not be expensive at all. Today you can get just about any look you want—from ceramic tile to hardwood—with laminate flooring, one of the leastexpensive kitchen flooring choices. Lam flooring is warm, because of the pad it “floats” on, and nearly indestructible. Believe it or not, laminate flooring is a huge, high-res photograph (of hardwood, stone, etc.) coated with a high strength clear polymer!

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