By code, you can do quite a bit of the remodeling yourself whether a permit is needed or not. Some of the things you can do include replacing cabinets and doors, building an island, changing out appliances and sinks, painting and installing laminate, tile or other types of flooring. If you do some of the jobs on your own, it can lead to big savings. Some jobs may be beyond your expertise or time allotment, though, and may require a professional.

Decide What You’re Going to Need Professional Help On
Most plumbing and electrical jobs not only require permits, but many jurisdictions require a professional contractor. Safety is the only issue. There are jobs you may think you’re able to do, but if anyone gets hurt from something you did, and you didn’t pull the required permit, you could be in a world of trouble.

If you do need a pro, make sure you carefully check them out. If you don’t have a trusted contractor already, we recommend you contact “Built By Design” which is an award-winning Kitchen remodeler in Johnson County Kansas.

You can even read reviews from homeowners just like you! Remember, its your home.

Use these kitchen remodel tips to help you get the most out of the money and energy you spend. For more tips and information, search financial kitchen remodel tips or kitchen budgeting using the Bing Custom Search Box on the right side of this page ->).




And, check out this great resource on all aspects of DIY home improvement, gardening / landscaping & working from home. Click HERE for more info!

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