By code you should have outlets installed that have ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) which are designed to turn off the second something happens. Still, elderly people with heart conditions could be in real trouble if zapped with a half-second 110 volt shock. And always make sure you check plugs and cords on appliances to ensure they’re grounded and are not frayed. Another safety tip to avoid shock is to dry your hands before unplugging any kitchen appliance.

Clean up spills right away. In a cramped space like a kitchen, head injuries can happen in a flash! Never stand on the top-most step of any step stool to reach things.

Keep child/dog toys and all other non-kitchen items out of the kitchen and off the kitchen floor. Pet bowls should be kept away from traffic patterns.

Sometimes kids and kitchens just don’t mix. So, add childproof locks to all cabinets, especially those containing cleaning supplies and chemicals. Put a childproof lock on the oven as well. While cooking, keep younger children from entering the kitchen, but if you are going to allow your children in the kitchen, make sure you teach them these important kitchen safety tips!

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