Office feng shui is the practice of incorporating or including feng shui practice or techniques into how you arrange or decorate your office. Whether your office is in your home or in a downtown location, these principles provide the same benefits and can help your feng shui office to achieve a higher level of success and peacefulness at the same time. They can also help you to attract wealth!

Feng shui techniques focus on creating and sustaining a healthy flow of positive energy or chi throughout the space. That's necessary if you are to achieve wealth through your business. Creating an office space that is calm, yet energetic and prosperous is essential.

Office feng shui can include the strategic placement of furnishings, use of particular colors to attract specific attributes or energies to the space, and other techniques to enhance the space. For instance, incorporating each of the five elements of feng shui into your office is important. These five elements of feng shui are water, earth, wood, metal, and fire.

Here are some fun, practical and inexpensive things
you can do to create office feng shui:

1. Rearrange your furniture. Your desk should be facing your door or on a diagonal looking toward the door that enters your office.

2. Add mirrors. If your office doorway is directly across from a boring wall, place a mirror in that space to reflect light and energy back into the room. This is what you will be looking at throughout the day.

3. Hang up paintings or artwork that incorporate the feng shui elements. For instance, a framed painting of a beautiful river or a metal wall sculpture could incorporate the elements of water or metal.

4. Liven up the area with one or two live, green plants. Plants help us relate to both the earth and wood elements. Don't try to use silk foliage, though. Stick with the real thing.

5. Separate your office from the rest of your life. This is most applicable if your office is located in your home. If possible, utilize a separate entry door for business purposes so the home office is entirely separate from your living space. If this is not possible, move your office to a room near the front or back entry door. Or separate the office area from the rest of the home with a partition, a wall of tall plants, or some other divider with feng shui appeal.

6. Rather than placing your workspace or desk directly in front of a window, place it where the light will hit your workspace from the side.

7. Put things away and keep things you do not use regularly in a hidden storage area, neatly arranged.

8. Maintain a clutter-free office and work area!

9. Create a special "wealth" corner in the room. This corner should include the following items or elements conducive to attracting wealth in a feng shui office: a water feature-such as a fountain, a fish tank, or even a photograph of water; a green plant to remind you to "grow" your wealth (a smooth-leafed jade plant is ideal for this purpose), inspirational quotes or affirmations, a bookshelf displaying wealth-inspiring or wealth-acquiring books, your degrees and awards, and other items focused on wealth achievement, and a special symbol of wealth. Special symbols of wealth could include: red eggs, a crystal hanging from a red ribbon, red fish, or a red envelope with some coins inside.

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Office feng shui will help you attract the positive flow of energy required to build a successful business and attract wealth. It will be inviting and functional, but also peaceful and energizing at the same time. The concentrated use of the fire element in the red items will stimulate energy and passion, while the elements of water will remind you to stay calm and focused.

A wooden desk and/or wooden bookshelves can provide stability and permanence relating to long-term success and make the perfect wood element. The metal sculpture and even metal coins help you stay sharp and alert, ready for opportunities as they arise. And the plant, along with earthy colors like beige and sand-toned walls and upholstered furnishings can keep you grounded and secure in your space.

Add it all together and what have you got? Office feng shui! A place where you can generate the kind of positive energy flow that can lead you to achieve the wealth you desire.

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