If you’ve decided to do the plumbing yourself, great! Take your time and gather all the knowledge and information you can, then go scout out the parts. There are manytypes of pipes and fittings but today, PVC rules. For more ideas on plumbing designs, bathroom ideas and how to think about designing plumbing, click bathroom plumbing diagram.

Obviously, the more you can do yourself, the better off you’ll be financially.

Before you do anything, however, make sure you know how to shut off the main water supply to the house. Most homes have a shut-off valve contained in a small concrete box in the ground close to the street (below). A small rectangular, round cornered cover at ground level—with the word “Water” embossed on it—can be opened, and the shut-off valve closed using a tool called a Water Shut-Off Wrench (below), available at hardware stores and big boxes for a few dollars.

Every homeowner should have one of these for emergencies.

Finally, here is a plumbing symbols sheet that has all—and we mean all—of the symbols you’ll ever need.

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