Adding a room to create a second or third bedroom is a serious remodel. The good news is that a bedroom is the easiest addition to do. No plumbing. By code, a bedroom must have a ceiling height of 8′ (7′ 6″ in some states), a window large enough for a person to get out of and a closet. You must also install wall outlets spaced according to your jurisdiction’s code, usually 8′ apart. A ceiling light is generally not required. Click home remodeling addition for more info.


Is your single bathroom one that has wasted space, a separate shower and bathtub or is next to something that can be altered? This is a “sell my house myself” idea that could really pay off. Check out bath room remodel and see if you can create a half bath, guest bath or even another full bathroom without increasing your home’s footprint!


Adding a car bay to your existing one car garage is a serious remodel, too. The roof itself can prohibit an easy solution. But there may be several things you can do. Carport additions and tandem parking garages are two. See remodel garage. With this, as with the other remodels, ask yourself “Just how much am I willing to put into this to sell my house myself?”

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If you don’t have a knock-out Master bedroom, why not? Even if yours doesn’t have its own bath, you can still do many things to increase the value. The idea—to sell my house myself—is about staging, decorating and remodeling smartly. If you can make a potential buying couple gasp in delight when they step in to your master bedroom … ka-ching! Look at your options at master bedroom plans.


There are quite a few things you can do to turn even your small kitchen into the room that sells your home. An outdated or inefficient kitchen has potential buyers seeing money flying out the window and their family life disrupted for weeks or months after closing. Not really great selling points. A few weekends and a small amount of cash could change everything. Click small kitchen remodel tips to find out what is necessary.


The idea is to get as much money as you can out of your property. I want to remodel myself and sell my house myself is a one-two punch that will make that possible. If a few weekends and a little money can return a much higher profit, you really should consider it.

But, talk to a couple of real estate agents about your particular location, be honest about how your house stacks up and then do an estimate of labor and material costs. You don’t want to overdo for your neighborhood. After a bit of research, however, you may even find that a few good home staging ideas, combined with one or two of the ideas above is all you really need!

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