4. If you have both a shower stall and bathtub, consider taking out the shower stall and add a shower head to the bathtub. A clawfoot tub (some as short as 48″), corner baths and baths smaller than the one you have now physically, as well as visually, adds more room. Also consider removing the tub and have a shower only bath. This is one of the small bathroom remodel ideas that could make a huge difference!

5. Remove the opaque glass shower enclosure (or dark colored curtain) and put in a clear, frameless door or curtain. Use sheer or soft colored drapery fabrics for the curtain.

6. A pedestal or wall sink adds more floor space and a smaller vessel sink will add more counter space to your vanity. Check your local big box for the new really cool bathroom sinks. Some are almost art.

7. Leave out only what’s necessary. The bar of soap or dispenser, a hand towel, bath towel and a few essentials. Organize.

8. Use large or multiple mirrors. A mirrored wall, though a bit more maintenance than your other walls, visually nearly doubles a tiny space.

9. No wall to wall carpeting. Use runners to give length to the floor rather than rectangular bathroom rugs.

10. Light wood or tile floors will highlight the cool colors and make the space seem larger. A light vanity top, too, is a good idea.

11. If the bath is beneath a roof and not another room, a great small bathroom remodelidea is to install a skylight. An inexpensive tubular skylight (available for under $200.00) will really make a difference!

12. Add some art or a plant or two. There’s something whimsical or even extravagant about art and plants in a bathroom. And those things suggest that you have the space to be whimsical and extravagant.


Of course, always think “green” when you remodel. To add an Earth-friendly element to your remodel projects consider products and materials created with conservation and environmental impact in mind. Save Green. Live Green. Explore a variety of Eco Options only at homedepot.com!

Living green means conserving water wisely throughout the home. Find out how. And, if you have an idea or two, please send them to us. If we print your idea, we’ll give you credit. Click here.

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