Log home kitchens can be created in any home, anywhere! If that’s your thing, and you like where you now live, go for it! You may be the talk of the neighborhood, and maybe even thought of as somewhat of a pioneer.

With a little creativity and research, you could be “cookin’ in the woods” (with your built-in microwave/convection oven combo) just down the street from the mall! The only consideration—as usual—are the codes.

What goes better with natural wood than natural greenery? Learn everything you need to know to add happy, healthy houseplants to your log home interior. Read about how easy it is to become a successfulIndoor Gardener.


You can decorate your home to feel comfortable and cozy, even if its a condo on the fifteenth floor of a highrise! Really, decorating a log homeneed not be confined to an actual log home. There are a number of things you can consider. Choose from rustic accessories and furnishings, western motifs or go wild with eclectic colors, American Indian themes and hand made furnishings.

Whether you live in a small log home, a log mansion or a bungalow in the ‘burbs, there are many options today allowing you to make your home yourhome!

Use the Bing Custom Search box on the right of this page and searchdecorating log homelog home motif or log home decor for decorating ideas, or click on any of the links above for more information.

Learn how Larry Angell built his home—by himself—from scratch! Free information on how he chose, as he puts it, to “make my own house” and saved over $100,000.00 in the process!

If, however, you just want to reclaim as much of the Earth-friendly log cabin lifestyle as possible, see what’s available at Rain Barrel World. Here you’ll find free expert advice on ways to get closer to nature, save some money and take another step toward getting off the grid!

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