Active solar heating is more involved than passive and also provides more electricity and heat. This type relies on a collector, a system for storage, and a system for heat transfer so the energy is distributed through the home. Both liquid active systems and air active systems are available. Liquid systems, which are more efficient, collect energy using a liquid—such as water, propylyene glycol, antifreeze or other liquids—while the energy is absorbed through the air with active air systems. Active systems can produce power and store it in a DC (direct current) method. With the use of a solar power inverter the power is converted to AC (alternating current) for use through your present electrical system.

Passive solar heating is a bit different. Passive solar power for homes can only produce heat. Building materials and features are incorporated, such as double walling, energy absorbing materials , air flow control, etc., to absorb and release heat, helping to keep the temperature maintained. Features in the building, known as thermal mass, include brick walls, stone floors, and big windows. The home must be designed to circulate the heated air, without the need for any type of mechanical device, through your interior space in order to be effective. Older homes can be retrofitted, but its a challenge.

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Solar Heating Today A buyers guide to solar heating can get your questions answered. If you are considering solar heating or you just want to learn more about capturing free solar energy for pool heating, domestic hot water or radiant floor heating for your home or business … start here!

Today its much more than just solar powered light. The various types ofsolar power for homes provides homeowners with the ability to reduce their carbon footprint and take a giant step toward going green. If you want to green up your home while saving money, a good solar system or two is a great investment.

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