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By | September 5, 2013


Solar power light has become so popular because it’s the easiest of the solar uses. As more people learn about the benefits solar power has to offer, even more innovations will be explored in regard to solar power light.

And, you don’t have to get complicated or buy expensive products. In fact, the options are getting cheaper every day and once you set them up, the light is provided to you for free forever!

If you want to enjoy the green benefits, the savings, and the convenience of solar power, you have almost unlimited options.

Not only are there solar power outdoor lightingfixtures, but you now can find indoor solar lighting as well. Here is a look at both options and ways you may want to use them in and around your home.

Outdoor Solar Lighting

Outdoor solar power light is an excellent choice for every homeowner. I mean, who wouldn’t want free lighting? Whether you want lighting for your landscaping, garden path or fountain, or you want security lights to keep your home protected, solar lights are an excellent choice. These systems have solar cells that take the energy from the sun and turn it into DC electricity (below). Batteries store the electricity until the lights come on in the evening. In most areas, these solar power light systems will work outdoors all year. The performance of these lights, however, may be affected by the amount of sunlight on any given day, the location of the solar cells, and the season. During the winter, for example, operating times can vary greatly, but technology is making improvements all the time.

In most cases, you’ll find that solar power outdoor lighting comes in units that are self contained and all you have to do is install them (stick them in the ground, screw them to a wall or attach them to a post) in a sunny area. Some models have separate solar cell panels which you place in a sunny spot, and the lights can be anywhere, as long as they are connected by wire. These outdoor solar power lights come in many sizes, from small pathway units to security and patio lights. The main benefit of choosing solar lights for outdoor use is that they require almost zero maintenance.

Indoor Solar Lighting

And now there’s indoor solar lighting as well! For cabins, gazebos, sheds, and workshops that are too far from a power source, these are a logical (maybe the only) choice. Even for areas on grid, these lights can provide free electricity. These can save you on your electric bill and can also help you create a home that is more environmentally friendly. Installation is relatively easy and the lights are easily affordable too.

Its a little more complicated than outdoors, though. The solar panel needs to be be outside, where the sun is … the lighting device on the inside. These two elements must be connected. The lighting you’ll be installing is going to be DC, like your car or motor home, not AC like everything else in your home.

You will NOT need an inverter to convert the power to AC (above right). This light fixture, however, will be as permanent as a ceiling light once its connected to its little solar panel. Generally, every fixture will have its own solar cell (dwg. below).

Decide where you want the light fixture(s) to go and figure out where the wire must come through the wall. Walk around your home and observe how the phone and cable wire come through. With a long 3/8″ drill bit and a little silicone caulk you can easily do this.

When you drill, make it in an inconspicuous place or directly behind the fixture if its a wall sconce or similar. Use a stud finder to avoid drilling into a stud. There’s lots of space to stuff extra wire in a wall cavity, so use a long enough wire to make it easy to work on.

There are many easy options available, and decorative solar lights come in various shapes and sizes. Outdoor garden lights can be placed in indoor planters for a beautiful, almost mystical glow.

Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor lighting options, solar power light is an economical choice. The lights are reasonably priced and they will save you money on electricity in the end. With ease of use and simple maintenance, any homeowner is sure to benefit from solar lighting.

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