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Throughout recent history, from the late 1700’s, skylights (flat or dome glazed roof openings) and roof lanterns (rooftop multi-paned glass structures) have gained in popularity as sources of natural sunlight. Long before the electric light, these illuminated interiors of homes and commercial buildings. In the beginning, they were framed in wood, but by the nineteenth century were mostly metal clad. At the beginning of the twentieth century, nearly every urban dwelling had some sort of skylight or roof lantern.

More elaborate structures became bases for the roof lantern, in which the simple design of the skylight expanded into a miniature glass-paneled conservatory-style glass paneled tower. They, however, were very different from those being manufactured today. In New York City, for example, 100 years ago they all were made out of sheet metal, bent into structural shapes and soldered together. The glass was single pane and shattered easily.

Today, those framed in sheet metal with single-pane glazing are still available but, because of codes and environmental concerns, even historic replica units now are made with double-pane insulated safety glass. And the framing is made of high tech materials, precision cut to avoid leaks. The humble “roof window” has come a long way, baby.

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