Looking for even more unusual house plans? You can get some great ideas from some very odd and unique homes that have been constructed all around the world, most of which are huge tourist attractions today because they are so unusual. And that could be an ingenious way to help pay your monthly mortgage … by building a home so unusual that you could charge admission and seasonally open your home to tours! Kaaaa-ching!

For instance, the Bubble House—built by architect Antti Lovag — is an exercise in originality, contemporary design, and bubble shapes. Located in Tourette-sur-Loup not far from Nice, France, is another home that is anything but small. And the price tag far exceeds anything most home builders could imagine. But, it could provide inspiration for a small-scale version with a very unusual house plan you could create yourself!

Alex Jordan, Jr. built his famous “House on a Rock” in Spring Green, Wisconsin, not far from Madison. This unusual home isn’t small by any stretch of the imagination (unless you count the low ceilings and narrow hallways), and it became far more than just a home with it’s incredible museum of collections housed within. But it is definitely unusual.

So …are you starting to feel like stepping out of the box yourself? Well, take a deep breath, and be sure to check the building codes in your area!

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