2. Fill in any pits or depressions. Using wood filler and a 2″ or 3″ spatula, completely fill any low spots as these are places standing water, and fungus collect. Spread it as smooth as you can, let it dry (one day) and sand smooth. You want to be able to walk barefoot and feel really good.

3. Use two coats of primer. You’ll be tempted to only paint the primer on once, but don’t. Allow the first coat to dry, then paint it again. This extra coat makes a lot of difference. And, get a good primer like Kilz™, Valspar™ or Behr™. They all advertise one coat coverage, but why take chances? Your deck will be subject to all kinds of abuse for years and years. Better to be safe than … well, you know. The best process for applying both the primer and the paint is to first paint the railings and the spaces in the flooring with a brush, then use a roller to cover the floor. Two people can make this highly efficient and you can roll over wet paint.

4. Paint it! The decision here is to spray or “brush and roll.” Spraying involves masking and covering anything and everything that might get sprayed or catch any over spray. You can use a small paint sprayer like the ones you get at the big boxes or buy or rent an industrial one. Preparation and clean-up are the hard parts.

Once you mask and cover everything, you just walk around aiming and pressing a trigger. But, then you spend time removing the masking and cleaning the sprayer. Brush and roll is, in my humble opinion, the easiest.

5. Clean up. Leave the masking in place if you chose spraying and use it to clean the unit by spraying clear water through the tip until the spray runs clear. With a wet rag, wipe down the unit and, if you have an old toothbrush, gently clean in the crevices. If you used the brush and roll method, make sure you get all the paint or primer out of the brush and roller cover before storing. Or, buy good quality, but less expensive brushes and rollers and pitch ’em after you’re done. Its a deck, after all.

6. Seal it. Some deck builders and professional painters recommend putting on a coat of sealer after the wood deck paint dries completely. That’s a great idea, since you have everything off the deck and its clean, clear and you’ll never have a better time. Why not?

This whole thing is a process that will take a few days to do, but will reward you many times over. And the compliments you’ll receive will make up for any discomfort you experience!

For more info, search wood deck paint using the Bing Custom Search Box on the right side of this page -> and talk to the folks at the big boxes.

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