2020 Audi A4 Flat Tire Emergency Procedure

2020 Audi A4 Flat Tire Emergency Procedure, How To

If you have a flat tire on your 2020 Audi A4:

  • Park the vehicle as far as possible from moving traffic, on a hard level surface.
  • Set the parking brake
  • Switch the hazard lights on

If any there are any passengers in your vehicle, have them exit and move to a safe place.

2020 Audi A4 Flat Tire Equipment

In your vehicle, you should have a vehicle tool kit, tire mobility kit and vehicle jack, located in the luggage compartment under the cargo floor cover (trunk).

  • To open the front compartment, pull the cargo floor cover by the strap (1).
  • To open the rear compartment, lift the cargo floor by the plastic handle (2).
  • Hook the plastic handle into the luggage compartment seal (2) or,
  • To remove the cargo floor completely, pull it toward the rear at the plastic handle (2).
  • If your vehicle has a spare tire, turn the handle counter-clockwise and remove the spare tire.
  • Unhook the cargo floor before closing the lead on your trunk.

Depending on vehicle equipment, the vehicle tool kit, tire mobility kit, and compressor may be located under another cover that is secured with a hand-wheel.

If your vehicle has the jack in a storage bag, the jack bag is secured with tie-straps in the luggage compartment and must be re-secured the same way after usage.

Using The 2020 Audi A4 Tire Mobility Kit

This type of flat tire repair (inflation with slime) is meant for temporary use only. Change the damaged tire as soon as possible. If the tire is punctured by a sharp object such as a nail, do not remove the object from the tire. The tire mobility kit can be used at temperatures as low as (-4°F) or (-20°C).

The mobility kit must not be used if:

  • the flat tire has cuts or punctures larger than 0.16 in (4mm)
  • the rim is damaged
  • you have driven with very low or no pressure in the affected tire.

How to repair your 2020 Audi A4 tire

Setting up the tire mobility kit

  • Open the compressor cover (2)
  • Remove the connector (4) and pressure hose with pressure gauge from the housing (5)
  • Connect the compressor’s pressure hose (5) to the flange (6) on the tire sealant bottle (1)
  • Insert the sealant bottle with the flange at the bottom into the opening (3) on the compressor cover
  • Remove the valve cap from the damaged tire
  • Install the filler hose (9) on the valve (7)
  • Connect the plug (4) to an outlet in the vehicle
  • Switch the ignition on
  • Move the switch (8) on the compressor to the on position (I)
  • Inflate the tire to 29 psi (200 kPA) and 36 psi (250 kPA) and read the pressure on the gauge.
  • If the pressure is not reached, removed the filler hose. Drive slowly approximately 33 ft (10 m) forward or in reverse so that the sealant can be evenly distributed on the inside of the tire
  • Inflate the tire again
  • Affix the sticker that says «max 50 mph (max 80 km/h) that is provided with the tire mobility kit, on your windshield, within your field of vision
  • Stop the vehicle after driving 10 minutes and check the tire pressure
  • If the tire pressure is lower than 19 psi (130 kPA), then the tire is too severely damaged. Do not continue driving.

Changing a tire on your 2020 Audi A4

  • Set the parking brake
  • Select the «P» position
  • When towing a trailer, disconnect the trailer from your vehicle
  • Lay out the vehicle tool kit
  • Switch off the ignition

Removing the caps

  • Slide the plastic clip from the vehicle tool kit onto the cap until it engages.
  • Remove the cap with the plastic clip.

Loosening the wheel bolts

  • Slide the wheel wrench from the vehicle tool kit all the way onto the wheel bolt.
  • Turn the wheel bolt approximately one turn to the left. To achieve the required torque, hold the end of the wheel wrench. If the wheel bolt doesn’t loosen, press carefully on the wheel wrench with your foot. Hold onto the vehicle securely while doing this and make sure you foot is stable.

Raising the vehicle

  • Place the vehicle jack from the tool kit on a firm surface. Use flat, stable support if needed. On a slippery surface such as tile, you should always use a non-slip pad such as a rubber mat.
  • Find the marking on the sill that is closest to the flat tire that needs to be changed. Behind the marking, there is a lifting point on the side sill for the vehicle jack.
  • Turn the hand-wheel to raise the vehicle jack (1) under the lifting point on the side sill until the bracket on the jack completely covers the notch on the vehicle.
  • Align the vehicle jack so the bracket (1) covers the notch and the base (2) is flat on the ground. The base (2) must be directly under the mounting point.
  • Mount the crank on the wheel jack by inserting the crank into the opening in the hand-wheel. Turn the crank to the left or right to secure it.
  • Continue raising the vehicle jack with the crank until the wheel is slightly off the ground.

Removing and installing a wheel

Removing a wheel

  • Remove the top wheel bolt completely using the hex socket in the screwdriver handle from your 2020 Audi A4 tool kit and place it on a clean surface.
  • Install the alignment pin from your tool kit in the empty wheel bolt hole by hand
  • Remove the rest of the wheel bolts
  • Remove the wheel, while the alignment pin remains in the top hole.

Installing a wheel (please beware of directional tires!)

  • Slide the wheel on over the alignment pin
  • Install the wheel bolts and tighten them gently using the hex socket.
  • Remove the alignment pin and tighten the remaining wheel bolt
  • Tighten the wheel bolts in a diagonal pattern using the wheel wrench
  • The wheel bolts must be clean and loosen and tighten easily. Check contact surfaces for the wheel and hub. Contaminants on these surfaces must be removed before installing the wheel.
  • Make sure that your wheel bolts are torqued with a torque wrench to the required wheel bolt torque for your 2020 Audi A4 according to owner’s manual

Collapsible spare tire

The collapsible spare tire is intended for short-term use only. Have the damaged tire checked and replaced if necessary by an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility, as soon as possible.

There are some restrictions on the use of the collapsible spare tire. The collapsible spare tire has been designed specifically for your type of vehicle. Do not replace it with a collapsible tire from another type of vehicle.

The collapsible tire is located in the luggage compartment of your 2020 Audi A4 (in the trunk), under the cargo floor cover.

Removing your collapsible tire:

  • Lift the cargo floor using the handle
  • Turn the hand-wheel counter-clockwise and remove it
  • Remove the collapsible tire

You must inflate the collapsible tire before using it.

Inflating your collapsible tire:

  • Remove the valve cap from the collapsible spare tire
  • Tighten the compressor hose on the collapsible tire
  • Connect the compressor hose to a vehicle socket and switch it on
  • Let the compressor run until the specified value on the tire pressure is reached
  • Screw the valve cap back on the valve head

Returning your collapsible spare tire to storage:

  • To release air, turn the valve insert
  • Turn the valve insert back once the air has been released
  • Wait several hours before placing the collapsible tire in the spare wheel well. Only then will it fold down completely so that you can store it securely.
  • Screw the valve cap back on the valve head
  • Secure the collapsible spare tire with the hand-wheel
  • Fold the cargo floor cover back into its place.

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