Apple Carplay wireless / Android auto for Audi Q2 (2016-2021) MIB/MIB2 | Ampire®

Apple Carplay wireless, wireless wifi for Audi Q2 (2016-2021) MIB/MIB2 and Android Auto wireless for phone models that support it (not all the Android permit, check compatibility with the manufacturer of your mobile phone). Reproduces the sound and image of your mobile phone on the screen of your car automatically by wifi, no wires! (except for models of Android mobile not allow it). Very comfortable and recommended. Display the app in your mobile phone such as Spotify, Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc

Compatibility: Radio OEM AUDI MIB / MIB / MIB2 STD, monitor 7 «/ 8,3», connection LVDS 4-pin. 09/2016 -> 2021

Customer Questions and Answers


The Apple CarPlay wireless, wireless wifi for Audi Q2 (2016-2021) MIB/MIB2 is a smartphone Interface Plug & Play with full integration in the multimedia system of the car. If we use it with an Iphone will be called the Apple Carplay and if we use it with a Android will be called Android auto. With the Iphones, the system is totally wireless, that is to say, we will not have to connect any cable while with Android auto you have to verify that our mobile has this option. This way the reproduction of the image is displayed throughout the car monitor and the reproduction of sound is fed through the AUX audio input of your audio system from the factory.

All you want to do with your smartphone while driving can be done with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto directly on the screen of the car. You can get directions, send and receive messages easily. If your vehicle has a Bluetooth hands free system-factory installed, you can operate it through the integration of our smart phone and make phone calls with him. While navigating, you can listen to your favorite music through Spotify, for example, or your favorite station through a radio application, and even to concentrate on the road.

This accessory CarPlay and android auto for Audi Q2 (2016-2021) MIB/MIB2 allows us to:

  • Duplicate the screen of the mobile on the monitor of the car.
  • Play the major applications such as Spotify, Waze, Google Maps, Apple maps, etc
  • Listen to the sound of our phone through the car speakers.
  • Talk to Siri or voice control OK Google.
  • Access to your calendar.
  • Control accessories in HomeKit, as the engines of doors.
  • and a long etc.

How to organize your APP that will be displayed on the monitor of our Audi Q2 (2016-2021) MIB/MIB2?

Apple devices: Settings, general, CarPlay, customize.

On Android: in the android app auto open the side menu, settings.

FEATURES Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Audi Q2 (2016-2021) MIB/MIB2:

— Interface update Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto

— Operation via the buttons OEM / touch panel from the vehicle

— Apple CarPlay® wireless via WIFI antenna supplied from the iPhone 5

— Apple CarPlay® with cable through USB (turn off the WiFi on the iPhone)

— Android Android wired via USB

— Feature Android Mirrorlink (reflecting the smartphone screen)

— USB input for media playback (for example, USB memory)

— Video playback on Apple iOS only through a USB cable

— HD resolution up to 1080p for playback multimedia

— Supports RMVB, MOV, MKV, MP4, AVI, RM

— The pairing via Bluetooth, it is only necessary for the initial installation

— Audio DSP integrated with equalizer to the sound output

— Audio output analog output voltage of 3 volts for sound playback (AUX audio)

— Supports vehicles with steering wheel to the left and to the right

— Voice Control «Apple Siri» and «OK Google» through the included microphone (without phone)


— Input for front camera (composite video)

— Input for rear view camera (composite video)

— Support alarm reverse (PDC)

— Support of guide lines in motion

— Supports systems 360 °camera

— 12 volt outlet for the power supply of the front-facing camera

— Output 12-volt power supply with back-up camera


An attached adapter MICRO-USB to USB to any software update of the interface.


Before you buy and install, check if the product is compatible with your smart phone.

— Apple iOS: iPhone 5 and higher

— Google Android: Android 5.0 (Lillipop) best Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and above. Consult with the manufacturer of your vehicle if the Android auto wirelessly or by cable.


Load current of the USB port: 1100mA

Dimensions of the interface: 166x89x27 mm

Packing dimensions: 260x220x80mm


Number of electronic approval E57 * 10R06 / 00 * 0081

Number of electronic approval E57 * COP * 0279


The MEDIUM shot IN the housing is not a HDMI input for playback of sources external HDMI. This jack is necessary for additional modules in some types of vehicles. This product is controlled only with buttons and is not compatible with the touch screen or the control by gestures.