The ravs go up and down while idle and sometimes almost dies out.Any ideas why this is hapening?

Asked by Roula Jan 29, 2008 at 04:41 PM about the 2001 Audi A3

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littlehorn answered 14 years ago

Sounds like a throttle position sensor or mass airflow sensor is at fault.

casper271 answered 14 years ago

have you check for a vacuum leak as well? hope it all works out.

Roula answered 14 years ago

thank you! I will check it out.

Roula answered 14 years ago

will check it out thanks you!

AabJose answered 10 years ago

el problema puede estar dentro en una de estas cosas: MAF, Bobinas, Bujías, Fuga de vacío, sensor de oxígeno, limpieza de mariposa., sensor de temperatura

Rhaman answered 10 years ago

I suggest you do not guess as you need specific info. Have a mechanic code the car and see what the car is reporting. Even then it takes a good one mechanic to advise you on repairs and associated work needed. OK? Many things are related. Have the car looked over carefully. Best of luck.

Lee answered 10 years ago

Hi, You need to clean the throttle body and carry out basic settings, make sure there is no air leaks and that the dipstick tube is not broken. This should cure your problem Regards Lee

Michael answered 10 years ago

MASS AIR FLOW The same happened to me Even Stauld in the rd on one journey home NOT Good Revs Jump up & down around 2k to 3k then 500 🙁

Guru94BWRW answered 2 years ago

Hello I am driving Audi A3, when idling it is shaking but drives well.

Tark246 answered about a year ago

Valves of my car was stuffed and then the diafram on top of the engine. Valves make a screening sound and diafram makes the engine shake and idle like shit.

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The ravs go up and down while idle and sometimes almost dies out.Any ideas why this is hapening? 10 Answers

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