Audi MMI Forced Reboot | 1 Simple Step To Reset And Clear

Audi MMI Forced Reboot – a necessary piece of knowledge for Audi 2019, 2020, and 2021 owners of A6, A7, A8, Q7, and Q8 when nothing but pure frustration seeps throughout your veins to your trigger finger when you touch your Audi START ENGINE button and you keep getting the message “NOTE, Loading the system please wait“ or “ Welcome, checking remote access rights.”

The 2 arrows are pointing at the Audi MMI which is supposed to make the interior of the vehicle look cleaner and more refined as there is a lack of buttons to control instead, everything is in a screen interface (2 screens) but OMG it’s not fun when it keeps malfunctioning!

I’ve developed a LOVE/HATE relationship with my Audi Q7’s MMI because when it works, the Audi Multimedia system is awesome and helpful but when I have to be somewhere at a very specific time and my Audi Q7 2021 has other plans for me I STOP the chaos and perform a simple Audi MMI forced reboot to reset and clear the system.

If You Own An Audi You’ll Need To Know How To Do An AUDI MMI Reboot, in Other Words, Resetting Audi MMI So You Can Get Going Again

Why You’ll Love This Easy AUDI MMI Reset

For me, learning how to master the Audi MMI Reset 2021 was imperative, because if it happens once I assure you it will happen again and you’ll know how to solve the issue.

Really it is a DIY you’ll need to master and fast!

You’ll note that you won’t be able to Access Audi (Audi Connect) either because the APP becomes useless as well as resetting the Audi MMI is the only way to get everything to communicate again!

Why To Perform An Audi Q7 Audi MMI Forced Reboot

If you see the following things happen on your Audi MMI screen, you will need to ao an Audi MMI Forced Reboot:

  • the MMI System read out the following: “NOTE, Loading the system please wait“ or “ Welcome, checking remote access rights.”
  • Or when you can SEE the MMI screen but it looks like it’s gray coated, such as when your lights go from day tonight. In other words, you can see ALL the MMI options, you really can’t USE them!
  • When you keep seeing “Loading the system Please Wait” and on the dashboard “Initializing Telephone Please Wait”

The moment you touch the Start Engine button, your Audi Multimedia nightmare may begin and you also won’t be able to Access Audi, just in case you are wondering! That circled object is the Start Engine button but it is a start your blood pressure boiling button IMO!


In case you bought your AUDI and never knew what it is called (pretty impossible though considering it says MMI On the screen when you start your car daily), the MMI is your ‘infotainment’ system specific to AUDI.

Does Your Audi MMI System Ever Do This? Get Ready For An Audi MMI Reset 2019, 2020, and 2021!

Right now I will share a super fast review of the Audi MMI system that I keep referring to as the Audi MMI Forced Reboot.

Quite simply stated it is a ‘multi-media interface’ you might refer to it as your Dual Screens on your dashboard.

Really it is the fancy name for the replacement of all those knobs/buttons and displays that used to exist on the console to control the heating, cooling, radio, etc, but now are inside these dual screens, a.k.a. MMI.

Audi parked because it needs an Audi MMI Forced Reboot

Here Is Why You Might Need To Do An Audi MMI forced Reboot

While I LOVE those dual MMI screens and wonder daily how I ever had a car before without the dual MMI screens the messaging notes that state: ‘Checking Remote Access Rights’ and ‘Loading The System Please Wait‘ kill me and require an Audi MMI reboot because you won’t have access to anything on those screens!

When I get those messages, unfortunately, it’s the lower half of the screen that I rely on daily from music to cameras, garage door, and radio interfaces that I can’t use because the system won’t clear me for ‘takeoff’

Trust me it’s not only the Q7 2021 with this awful issue!

What Audi Models And Years Will The Audi MMI Reset Work For?

Don’t worry, I am a car-loving girl and I called the dealer, researched, read, asked questions, and compiled this list of Audi models and years that this Audi MMI reboot will work for!

Use the Audi MMI Forced Reboot on the following Models and years:

  • Audi A6 2019, 2020, 2021
  • A7 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Audi A8 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Q7 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Audi Q8 2019, 2020, 2021

Why Did I Need To Use the Audi MMI Forced Reboot

Sorry for all the smudges, but I didn’t expect to be photoing issues or I would have cleaned my screen ↓↓!

What exactly was happening?

What You Can’t Do If You Don’t Perform The Audi MMI Forced Reboot

I could not get beyond the front MMI screens, meaning the initial screen, what you see above is ALL I could access and I had no access to close my garage door or open it, nor to my camera system.

Since I only had the car for 3 weeks, I didn’t know exactly what I needed to do.

My neighbor having pretty much the same Audi Q7, just a different year, jumped in to help.

The only problem was, that their screens were a bit different and they never had this happen on their MMI.

We Googled and couldn’t come up with anything.

So if you SEE this message on your screen follow my directions in the video or right below.

Could I Have Driven my Audi Q7 Without The MMI?

Yes, I could have, but did I want to? NO!

Here is why I did not want to drive the car and your list may read like mine:

  • I am still adjusting to the car, and the cameras are very helpful.
  • parking is nicer with cameras
  • comfort (from the temperature in the car, to the radio) would not work (it was HOT out and I needed the AC it was a work function I was late for)
  • The My Audi App was not working either
  • My driver screen (MPH and gear were the only things showing in front of me, so again no maps, radio controls, etc)
  • I am probably missing another reason but I am in a hurry writing this to help you!

The MyAudi App

Malfunctioning Too & The Forced Reboot

When resetting Audi MMI is necessary, the apps and the MMI seem to just all collapse at once!

At the exact same time that I needed to perform the Audi MMI Forced Reboot the MyAudi app logged me out and wanted a new password, leaving me with absolutely zero ability to Access Audi and this was awful.

Plus the MyAudi App is fairly annoying anyway as each time you get into the car and might be prepping to leave, the app knocks you out of whatever you are doing to announce it is connecting!

Overtaken by the total bs of this minor inconvenience, the MyAudi app was just one more pawn in the game to deal with and I wasn’t having it!

I am sure that anyone else using the MyAudi app has experienced that love-hate for the app!

At this point, I kind of reasoned out in my own mind, that it pointed to a system upgrade and both were annoying and affecting me at the wrong time and place. Stuck on my driveway!

I reset the MyAudi App, deleting it, and reinstalling it, but…. much to my chagrin, it did nothing to help me reboot/reset the MMI.

Per the Audi Tech At My Audi Dealer in Pittsburgh

I am not the only one who called in to find out how to do an Audi MMI Forced Reboot.

Audi has gone from using AT&T to Verizon and he stated that it might be the reason that so many this week have needed the AUDI MMI forced Reboot?

Or, it could have been what generally is the most advantageous thing about the AUDI MMI: it functions as a tablet/smartphone and is continuously upgraded.

In my opinion, its ability to be upgraded is great, until it is not like right freaking now!

In fact, this particular version is now going through its 3rd upgrade and it is on version 3?

Is that the Glitch that had so many Audi owners of the aforementioned models and years calling in?

Be Prepared As The Audi MMI Forced Reboot: Updates Will Keep Happening so…

Whether the MMI system gets map upgrades, quarterly, or if Alexa receives upgrades, so will your MMI.

So keep this article SAVED, so you can keep on resetting AUDI MMI, it kind of sounds like a dance move, but it is a simple finger move!

Does The Car Manual Guide An Audi MMI Forced Reboot?

I looked and could find nothing.

But, I will say it’s a great read if you want to really learn your car and not just rely on videos.

Step By Step for the AUDI MMI Forced Reboot (Audi MMI Reset)

By now you have seen the video I made to do the reset for the Audi, and you are probably reading this to learn more for the future.

  • Turn the car on by pushing the start/stop engine button,
  • then, move your hand to the right, for the volume control
  • and push DOWN On it (the volume control)
  • Hold it for about 15 seconds (seems like eons)
  • then the screen message that you see will disappear, then reappear.
  • You’ve completed the reboot.

Now you have completed the AUDI MMI Forced Reboot.

Hopefully what is on your screen are your readouts for all of your apps, and directives for drive modes, radio, garage, etc.

Audi MMI Reset FAQs

Is the 2021 Audi Q7 The Only One Requiring An Audi MMI Forced Reboot?

No! The A udi A6 2019, 2020, 2021 , A7 2019, 2020, 2021 , Audi A8 2019, 2020, 2021 ,
Q7 2019, 2020, 2021, and the Audi Q8 2019, 2020, and 2021 ALL have the same insane issue!

Do Your Cameras Work When You Get The “Loading System Please Wait” Audi Multimedia Error?

No! The cameras do not work, you can not access them, you must begin resetting Audi MMI system in order to make this all work

Is Performing an Audi MMI Reset Difficult?

No, not at all, just keep the simple directions I have in this post bookmarked.

After Doing An MMI Reboot Will It Permanently Correct the Error?

No. Expect it to happen again because it will anytime a system update is done, as the MMI functions like a table or a watch and received upgrades.

Try These Options Before The Audi MMI Forced Reboot

A few things I tried when all of this was going on and not sure if all or nothing helped except the true reboot.

Consider them as helpful as a monkey scratching his ass, but they are things to at least try!

First, if you are in your home garage and this happens, “NOTE, Loading the system please wait!” pull out of the garage and down the driveway a bit.

  • Take your phone off WiFi and Turn Off Bluetooth, I just did both to cover myself.

But, I also did this so that my phone didn’t connect (which it didn’t anyway) to the car.

In case you want to know, I tried many other things before the reboot, the more practical things because I had no idea it was in need of a reboot, but as I have been told a few of these items may cause the messaging as well.

Therefore I could use my phone to text etc. and it was important as well because once I got everything all working, I didn’t feel like dealing with the MyAudi app which popped up and needed a reset too and I didn’t have the time!

  • Next, start the car and then turn it off. Open the doors and walk away with the key.

Call it insanity or whatever you want, but I was thinking that if there were issues, maybe it was as minor as an on/off, so I started out with all the easy options!

My neighbor had been advised to do this by their Audi mechanic so I tried it and while futile, it might help yours!

The Issue Error is solved So Drive AUDI

So, getting the message on your MMI of, “NOTE, Loading the system please Wait,” or “ Welcome, checking remote access rights” on your AUDI models listed above, it’s a simple press of the button and off you go!

Make Sure To Come Back And Tell Me How The Audi MMI Forced Reboot Worked For You

Stay tuned for Audi 2021 Q7 things you will want to know about!

Here is a printable of the how-t do the Audi MMI Reset In Case you need it!