Bonnet stuck 🙁



My 2008 (08 plate) R8 V8 was delivered on Friday and all I can say is wow what an amazing car. Everything seems to be in perfect condition. Something strange happened yesterday tho where the bonnet just wouldnt open. Has anyone experienced this problem? There is meant to be a release cord you can pull by the passengers foot area but apparently you need to tug it really hard. I am thinking it maybe easier just to let Audi try and fix this as its still under warranty.

Thanks in advance


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Please could you update your profile, then we could see where you are based ie USA or UK.

So you pressed the button on the keyfob or the button next to the drivers side door handle which did the primary bonnet release then you tried to squeeze the lever under the bonnet and it would not raise? I am just trying to clarify whether you realised you have to squeeze the lever under the bonnet to open it or just expected it to open from the initial button press alone.


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Like Fifty said — push the button on the arm rest, or the key fob. Slip your hand under the front edge of the hood (bonnet is not a USA term, so I’m betting Mark’s not from the States) right in front of the Audi Rings and there’s a secondary release. The bonnet (er, hood) should pop up about 10-15 mm if the releases are working.

The pull cord is up under the dash and yes, you have to pull very hard to get it to release. I had to pull «scary» hard the one time I had to use it. Hard on fingers.

It’s not uncommon to have one of the releases (there are three — one over each wheel, one in the middle up front) to not let go completely on some of our cars.

I’ve had the left side one adjusted, then replaced and it still will not play nicely on occasion. A second bump of either of the electronic release buttons (arm rest, key fob) will make it let go.

Quick question — does the R Tronic have to be in neutral for the button to work? I’m wondering if that could be part of Mark’s issue? Totally a guess on my part, though — I have the fun stick, not the paddles.

The six speed will release as long as the speed’s under about 1 or 2 mph. Stopped or just ever so slightly rolling and it will open. No, I don’t try to open it when I’m moving — I’ve bumped the wrong button when rolling up to the fuel pump a couple of times and was surprised to discover that the hood would pop open w/the car in motion.