EGR Valve Cleaning

Got an EGR (Engine Gas Recirculation) issue? Is the EGR clogged up? Want to avoid replacing the EGR valve?

Our diagnosis and 3-step engine carbon cleaning is your best option!

Why does it get clogged up? The EGR system recirculates expelled exhaust gases, because these gases contain oil residues, carbon from the burnt diesel and other such nasties the valve that controls the amount of gases recirculated, the related pipework, and if fitted a cooler (designed to cool the gases on recirculation) will over 1,000’s of miles become clogged.

This leads to symptoms such as poor engine performance, lowered fuel efficiency, engine management warning lights and the limp-home-mode being activated (restricted performance), lowered fuel economy, rough idling and/or a strong fuel odor. We have a great wealth of knowledge and specialise in the diagnostics and cleaning of the EGR system. This includes live data analysis using dealer level diagnostics equipment that we include in all our EGR cleaning services.

How do we clean the EGR? Firstly we’ll use our dealer level diagnostics equipment to assess the engine management error codes and complete live data analysis. Then assuming the vehicle is fit for cleaning we use a 3-stage carbon cleaning system that includes our world-leading Hydrogen carbon cleaning and our unique chemicals. This means in the majority of instances there is no requirement to remove the EGR for cleaning and assuming it’s just clogged up / dirty this will resolve the issue. On completion of the job, which takes approximately 45-60 minutes, we’ll reassess the engine management system and reset any fault codes.

Had my van remapped by James yesterday, feels absolutely brand new, thanks very much mate

Had my Octavia VRS Carbon Cleaned at Easthampstead Park on the 26th June. Appears to accelerate quicker now especially in Sports mode and appears to have no lag or vibration. Cannot say about any improvement in fuel consumption as I have not bothered to compare. Would certainly recommend.

A fantastic service I am more than happy with the results. . highly recommended! The performance of my car has definitely improved! Thanks Red for looking after my prized possession. ..I was very sceptical but not any more!

Got my A5 remapped, dpf and carbon cleaned car is running like new.. highly recommended, top job!

Great service from james, did exactly what he said he would do professionally and all for a very fair price ??

Highly recommended 5/5

top job. answered all my questions, turned up bang on time and did the job. Delighted with the results (Seat 1.4Tsi)

Great job! Car runs better and without the coughing and spluttering. I’m recommending Ciaran to all my friends.

Had my Octavia Vrs done recently, I was a sceptical customer not sure about getting the clean done at first, anyway the first thing I noticed was the engine was quieter when idling. Second thing was the turbo spool was smoother and the turbo chatter had disappeared. As for performance I cant say for sure if it’s more responsive or not but it definitely has less turbo lag between 4th 5th and 6th gears.

had my Lexus 2 stage carbon cleaned today, had a persistent engine warning light on and erratic revs in idle and below 2000 revs, now no fault light and engine runs so much smoother and more power, highly recommend

My car Had the treatment today. I was very sceptical it would work? . Thought I would bite the bullet and give it a go. Thanks to red he took me through the whole prossess and kept reassuring me it would work. Well I didn’t have much hope tbh. Well it did work just been out in the car and it’s more responsive and now goes in gear as it should. Thanks Red will be recommending you to everybody I know cheers pal good work recommended for sure guys. Regards one happy chappy lee


The purpose of the EGR (Engine Gas Recirculation) system is to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions that primarily forms when nitrogen and oxygen is subject to high heat and pressure. Nearly all modern diesel and some petrol engines require an EGR system to meet emissions regulations. The system is designed to recirculate exhaust gases back into the intake system which reduces either O2 in diesel engines intake stream or combustible matter in a petrol engines intake stream. These gases have little or no ability to react to the second combustion cycle they are subjected too thus helping to reduce combustion heat and in-cylinder temperatures.

Unfortunately, these recirculated exhaust gases carry a lot of carbon, unspent fuel (including varnishes) and oil vapour which gradually accumulates and bonds as carbon particles inside the inlet and re-circulatory system and especially on and around the valve itself. This leads to numerous engine problems and worst case even engine failure.

The specific purpose of the EGR valve determines if, when, and how much exhaust gases are recirculated. As carbon deposits build up in and around the valve it prevents the opening and closing of the valve operation, and worst case the valve can become stuck losing all functionality.

Usually, the initial driver symptoms of the clogging of an EGR valve is loss of power, excessive black smoke under load, engine management lights, limp mode, and engine stalling, especially when coming offload. Eventually, the valve will stick in either the open or shut position. If stuck open the carbon build up saturation will be accelerated whilst if stuck shut it will cause excessively high emissions and ultimately MOT and/or roadside emission test failures.

How to clean the EGR Valve

There are numerous ways to clean or replace the EGR valve with varying prices.

The costliest option is a complete replacement part and a clean. Most mechanics will recommend this – Why? Because they’ll earn a profit from the part and it’s a quicker job for them. The price of a EGR valve varies on average between £300 and £1,500 plus labour for fitting. At the time of replacement, or just before, it’s important that the rest of the EGR system is also cleaned otherwise carbon deposits within the rest of the system will likely clog the new component.

The moderately expensive alternative is to remove the valve and manually clean it which requires mechanical skill and time. The problem is not all valves are so easy to remove and refit and the outcome may not always be successful. Of course, it’s not just the valve though, there are all the associated pipes and if fitted the cooler that must also be cleaned. Expect prices to be anywhere from £200 – £500 for such a job if done correctly rather than just the valve.

Then there’s our service, the most cost-efficient option. Even if the valve has failed and therefore the clean doesn’t resolve a valve issue completely at least the rest of the EGR system will be cleaned ready for a new component which on its own will save you money!

Preventative cleaning starts from as little as £89.99 (for a car)

If your vehicle has an EGR issue, or has even failed an EGR manual clean by a garage, and therefore requires further assistance to resolve the problem there is no better alternative than a skilled UKCC technician providing our 3 or 4-stage carbon cleaning service.

From just £149.99 (for a car). The advantages are:-

  • Our Mobile Carbon Cleaning Technicians come to you
  • Potentially no expensive parts
  • No disassembly is required, therefore no expensive labour
  • Completed in an average of 45-60 minutes so no requirement to leave your vehicle with a garage for days on end
  • We are fully insured to complete this service at the roadside or wherever your vehicle is located