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  • Jan 15, 2020
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  • Had my 2014 1.4 TFSI sportback now 2months and having come out of a Fabia with a full Pioneer system with Sub I had installed (been fitting Car Audio for 30yrs), I was not impressed with the standard sound System in the A1.

    Lots of posts here asking what size the Front Speakers are? the standard speaker size from the factory is 200mm/8″ and they are only a mid range speaker, with a very small magnet and voice coil the size of a cotton reel and weigh next to nothing, they also have a Audi sticker on the base with made in China !!

    I decided the first step was to upgrade the front speaker and ordered a upgrade kit with spacer rings and Pioneer 200mm 3 way speakers from Rockbottom Audio on ebay, this arrived pretty quick in 2days. I set about doing the change over on a dry day last week. Unboxed the Pioneers and they looked well made, Removed the door trim with a non marking trim removal tool, ( buy spare trim clips) unclip the speaker wires and tuck it back up out the way. Remove the 4 T25 screws holding the standard speaker to the door and lift out the standard speaker. Install the adapter ring with the 4 T25 screws and connect up a ISO to spade adapter connection (ebay). A slot is needed in the Adapter rings to allow the speaker wires to come out. Screw the replacement speaker to the Adapter Rings with the 4 screws supplied being careful not to slip and stick the screwdriver through the speaker cone !

    Important to get the speaker wires connected correctly to prevent them being out of phase

    Information taken from the official Audi A1 Workshop manual

    Drivers Door Speaker Wiring
    Brown/Yellow =speaker negative (small terminal on the replacement speaker)
    Red/Yellow = speaker positive (large terminal on the replacement speaker)
    Using the adapters from ebay they had the correct large female terminal on the red cable and the small terminal on the black.

    Double checked the connections and switched on, the difference was day and night, lots of bass and clarity.

    Replace the door panel using new clips as required, but I though I’d check the connection to see if the windows worked ok. Pressed the drivers wind switch down and the window stopped about 4″ from fully down and the Pioneer speaker was fouling the window !

    Spoke to Rockbottom Audio and they said we had sold lots of those kits and never had any issues and were baffled? After lots of measuring and spacing the speaker off by 9mm the window would go down but the door trim would not go on due to the front of the speaker fouling the door trim.
    The fitment details from Rockbottom Audio listed the Audi A1 Kit as 2010 -on,Sportbacks which as we know are 5 door and not 3, so the internal spacing where the door speaker goes must be internally different ? thsts if the supplied kit does fit the 3 door ?

    Not giving up on the project I took the measurement from the Pioneer website of the 200mm 3 way speaker which was 89mm in depth, less the 9mm to allow the window to come down =80mm depth. Obviously we would need a bit more for clearance so the search began for a 200mm/8″ 3 way speaker to do the job.

    Finally found a 200mm/8inch 3 way speaker with a depth on 75mm so this gave enough for clearance with a few mm to spare, the speaker is a Alpine SXE-2035s. these arrived today and were fitted without issue with the above fitting guide. I also fitted a pair of Alpine Tweaters in the door panels where the Bose tweaters would fit, the part number for those is DDT-S30, complete with cross overs, the feed for those taken of the + and — terminals of the Alpine SXE-2035s.

    Once the door panels were refitted then the difference is once again day and night from the standard rubbish Audi fit in the cars