My 2014 S5 Needs Struts. Replacement suggestions?

My 2014 S5 needs struts. I’ve never replaced struts before, so I am not sure of the cost. My long-time Audi Service Rep has left, and the new guy is a con artist. His pricing is ridiculous!! Can I take it to a Brakes Plus type of place?

I have ADS. so I need someone who knows what they are doing.

Suggestions? Recommendations? Your experiences?

Yes you can take elsewhere. Dealer will rape you. It is not rocket science to replace BUT realize the ADS struts do cost 700 each K0513026J.html ft/8k0413029n/ ft/8k0513025j/ ADS is no more complicated other that undoing one electric connector. I had my struts out when I put on my lowering suspension.

What indication do you have that they need replacing?

As mentioned, the Audi OE adaptive dampers are not cheap. And it doesn’t seem the third-party adaptive options (such as Bilstein Evo SE and Monroe OESpectrum) are yet compatible with the B8 1BL suspension. The OE adaptive dampers are made by Sachs I believe.

Those links are for the B8.0 adaptive rears. The B8.5 adaptive fronts are 8F0 413 029 B left and 8F0 413 026 B. But the price is the same ballpark. I presume he’s talking about his fronts since he referred to struts. Though if one end is ready to go, I imagine the other end is too. I did mine myself; they weren’t brutal, but three hours of billing at a shop is better than the whole day of sweat it takes me. I don’t think I’d take it to a chain store, would try and look for an Audi knowledgeable independent.

Thanks for the quick response. I am hearing creaking over bumps and turns and bottoming out often. In the front mostly.

Thanks for responding! Question. how can I tell if I have a B8 or B8.5? My car is a 2014 S5. Also. yes..I was thinking of doing the fronts first. then save up for the rears. Would you know where I can find the correct part?

B8.5 2013 (US) 2012 (Europe) — 2017

Creaking could bushings or other.

If it is dealer telling you to replace GO ELSEWHERE and get a diagnosis. I had a rattling in my rear. Dealer said to replace shock at 2000. Was a loose mounting nut.

Yeah, don’t buy dealership scamming unless you can verify it independently. It’s absurd the stuff they try to get past customers. But they might be correct too. How many miles are on the car? I waited way too long on mine (160k miles); I could compress mine with one finger. But I knew they were shot, the body roll in a hard corner was way more than «back in the day».

As mentioned, in the US, it’s easy because of the model year system. For the A5: MY08-MY12 is B8.0 (pre-facelift) and MY13-MY17 is B8.5 (facelift). But outside of that, you can tell from the front grill. B8.0 is an upside down trapezoid with rounded corners. B8.5 is hexagon with a squashed top and pointed corners.

Any of the usual suspects are fine places to buy them. ECS Tuning, FCP Euro (hard to beat that warranty guarantee on an expensive part like that), EuropaParts, GenuineAudiParts, and plenty others. I’m not a fan of RockAuto, but it’s there. PelicanParts is who I got my dampers when I replaced them; only ones that had them in stock at the time (some supply issue at Bilstein then).