BMW Selector Shaft Seal Replacement

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  • BMW 325i Sedan (2006)
  • BMW 325xi Sedan/Wagon (2006)
  • BMW 328i Coupe/Conv (2007-13)
  • BMW 328i xDrive Coupe (2009-13)
  • BMW 328i xDrive Sedan (2009-11)
  • BMW 328i xDrive Wagon (2009-12)
  • BMW 328i/xi Sedan (2007-11)
  • BMW 328i/xi Wagon (2007-12)
  • BMW 328xi Coupe (2007-13)
  • BMW 330i/xi Sedan (2006)
  • BMW 335i xDrive Coupe (2009-13)
  • BMW 335i xDrive Sedan (2009-11)
  • BMW 335i/is Coupe/Conv (2007-13)
  • BMW 335i/xi Sedan (2007-11)
  • BMW 335xi Coupe (2007-13)

    Project Time: 3 hours Tab: $50 TalentTools: 18mm socket and wrench, 16mm deep socket, flatheadscrewdriver.
    Parts Required: Manual transmission fluid, Selector shaft seal. Performance Gain: Remedy a fluid leak Complementary Modification: Replace manual transmission fluid

The selector shaft or selector rod for your manual transmission is the connection between your shifter and the transmission.

There is an oil seal located on the transmission housing that tends to leak over time. When this seal leaks, it creates an oil leak down the rear of your transmission. This seal is often mistaken for a leak at the driveshaft output seal. When looking for the source of an oil leak, always look for fresh clean oil, this will direct you to the problem area.

In this article, I’ll go over the steps involved with replacing the selector shaft seal on BMW E90 models with a manual transmission.

This tech article will show how to replace seal on rear wheel drive models. For all wheel drive models, you will have to remove your exhaust system and exhaust heat shields. See our tech article on exhaust system replacing.

Jack up your vehicle and support using jack stands. See our tech article on jacking up your vehicle.

Warm transmission for 3 miles before beginning

Wayne R. Dempsey, Co-Founder & DIY Expert

Nick Czerula, DIY Expert