Car Pulls to Right: Serious Talk Only Please



I am new to this forum. I have post this question on numerous other boards and got the usual-suspect answers, but trying to see if anyone wiser here could change my fate. So let me be very specific, and please read the whole write-up if you are planing to reply.

Basic Issue
Car pulls to right on flat, straight roads.

Very noticeable on highway, since it increases with speed. When driving straight, I have to hold the steering slightly to left in order to correct it. Speeds past 100 it’s unbearable where the car feels floaty wanting to drift away to right. Right side of the car sits about 0.25 lower than the left side of the car (details mentioned below). The car just doesn’t ‘track’ right giving an awkward feeling.

Background on the car:
08 CPO Pre-LCI e90 without sports package. I got it around 45K miles where it had 1 user on Carfax with a very clean record. Routine maintenance was done on time and no premature suspension wear. No accidents, not a single scratch or dent. Came with 16″ stock wheels and it was not that much noticeable with them. Now I have sports-package staggered wheels where I went through 3 sets of tires. Issue amplified with bigger and wider tires.

Tried Solutions:
1. Got an alignment — Went back to the dealer and got an alignment soon as I got the car. The issue did not go away, alignment specs were right on. Went back to the dealer and they test drove and said that the pull is very small and most of the BMW’s tend to pull like that (nonsense!). I drove similar spec’ed loaners and new ones none of them had this issue at a level mine does. They did put it on the alignment machine again and made sure everything was fine along with inspection of suspension components. Mentioned the ride height difference from side to side, according to BMW, it’s within spec.

2. Got another alignment — Went to another dealer, paid for another. Issue is still the same.

3. Changed tires — I am on my third set of tires, issue hasn’t changed a bit.

4. Sway bars — After researching online, few people had issues where the front sway bar would sit crooked and fixing that would cure the pull. I took apart both sway bars, front and back, they were fine and issue is still the same.

5. Tire Air Pressure — Played around with different air pressure numbers side to side, not a fix.

Now the car is around 70K miles, nothing has helped me. On long-trips it a joy-kill to hold the steering wheel. The ultimate driving machine is not going straight down the road when my last, beater, toyota with 300K miles did it just fine. :dunno:

I finally want to replace suspension bushings including everything in the strut tower. Could the rear differential cause such a thing? Other than that, I am out of suspects.