Does BMW have an unintended acceleration problem?

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Does BMW have an unintended acceleration issue? Is it possible that BMWs can be having issues like Audi and Toyota had? Look at these 10+ examples of cases where recent model BMWs have accelerated unintentionally on owners, sometimes with disastrous consequence. In the past Audi had problems with it’s 5000 model experiencing unintended acceleration. Now, more recently, unintended acceleration has been a hot button issue with Toyota. The ended up having to recalling a massive number of vehicles over the issue. Since that massive recall, uncontrollable acceleration has been on the mind of many motorists. We did some searching and here are some examples of BMW owners who have had this type of issue.

A 2004 X3, while being driven at around 5 mph, suddenly accelerated unintentionally. According to the report, the driver tried to steer around a parked vehicle, but ended up crashing into the back. The driver ended engaged the parking brake and switched off the car, since it was still wanting to accelerate. This happened to this vehicle four different times. Check out the link for the full bit and other X3 cases:

In 2008, a driver of a 2005 325 had a foot on the brake and their car revved suddenly. This driver was a bit quicker and immediately put the car in neutral. The car was taken to a dealership, where they found an issue with the computer system. The full case story and another 325 issue :

A 2004 530i totaled two parked cars when it’s driver turned into a parking lot, and while selecting a spot, the car accelerated quite rapidly on its own. Nobody was hurt in the incident. However, even though the car had a history of warnings from the dsc/dtc system and BMW admitted that system can cause the wheels to accelerate, they insisted that it wasn’t possible to accelerate it that much. Check out more 5 series incidents:

Another 3 series, this time a 328i. The driver was at a stoplight and the engine began to rev on its own. When the brake was released, the car wanted to jump forward quickly and the engine was still revving. The car was shutdown and taken to a dealership where no problem was found. Read the full story:

This next one, involving a 328i Sports wagon, sounded pretty dramatic. The driver pulled up to a parking spot and suddenly the car accelerated quickly, over a 10 inch sidewalk, hit a post office and a sign. The estimated damage to the car was over $7,300. More on it here:

A 2008 335i convertible had its accelerator got stuck on the floor while the driver was accelerating on the freeway. The driver thought it was the floor mat, but that wasn’t it, it would still stick with the mat out of the way and the revs would hit the limiter. More on this one here:

This driver of a 2007 X3 managed to steer clear of their house when the vehicle sudden accelerated, after pulling slowly into the driveway. The driver was able to using the parking brake, put the car in neutral and shut the engine off while it was still revving. They did end up hitting a tree and brushing the rear of their neighbors car.

Another X3, a 2011, suddenly accelerated through the front wall of a business, also damaging an adjacent suite. The driver was coming to a stop in a parking space when the sudden acceleration occurred. eration-blamed-in-crash-that-damaged-business

A 2004 M3 Coupe also experienced unintended acceleration, again happening in a parking, parking at low speed. The driver caught this one when the cars engine started revving and was attempting to accelerate toward a parking curb. The driver pushed hard on the brakes, put the car in neutral and turned the key off. The owner thought the carpet may have been an issue, however after checking, it was not.

The driver of an E46 318i claimed their car had a sudden surge of power while not stepping on the accelerator. The car was stationary when the revs came up. unintended-accerelation-sudden-surge-of-power

These are just some of the instances we found. After reading through way too many of these, I start to wonder how many are actually the cars fault. I can see throttle cables sticking, floor mats getting caught, and even problems with electronics. However, did these people actually have an issue with unintended acceleration or are they just blaming their clumsy footwork on the car to help avoid responsibility for their actions? What are your thoughts?