Engine shakes on Bmw Serie 3 E93, what to do ?

I have exactly the same problem..

Left the car at the local BMW service centre for a bunch of tests to diagnose the problem but they couldn’t tell me why the car shook upon start up!

Please let us know how you resolve it, thanks.

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Have your knock adaptation reset. had this problem with my 330 and it helped abit. cleaning the MAF fixed it.

I reset mine with my BT Tool. if you don’t have one, you’ll probably have to have take it to a dealer.

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Another problem that can causes this is a sticking vanos solenoid. I had code 2A98 being thrown in my car and I would get intermittent jerks (side to side) at start up.

If you know how, remove the solenoids and blow compressed air through them.

You car will throw a code if it detects a sticking vanos solenoid. 2A98 and 2A99 I beleive. One is for intake other is for exhaust side.

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