Chevy Odometer Not Working? Diagnostic Advice

The odometer is part of the instrument panel and connected to the speedometer. It is used to determine distance traveled and due to previous problems with individuals and dealerships disconnecting the odometer, it is a federal offense to tamper with it. The odometer is used to give consumers information on how many miles are on the engine of a vehicle. It may be mechanical, electronic or both.

If your odometer stops working in your Chevrolet, it may be due to a couple reasons. Depending upon the year and model of your vehicle, the fix may be something you can do or something you may need to take to your dealership for repair.

Odometer and Speedometer not Working

If neither of these indicators is working, then the problem may lie within the speed sensor on your vehicle. First, check to ensure that your fuse is not blown. If it is, replace it. This may fix the problem. If not, you may need to replace your speed sensor.

* In order to replace the speed sensor, first you must secure your vehicle onto jack stands. You will need to get under the vehicle, so be sure to do this safely.

* The speed sensor is located at the back of the transmission. Depending upon your vehicle model, it may be on the bottom of the transmission or it may be on the side of the housing. It is a small plug with an electrical end.

* Use the release tabs on the plug to disconnect it.

* With a counterclockwise turn, use a wrench to remove the sensor.

* Install the new sensor and plug it back into the plug end.

This should fix the problem that you are having with your odometer and speedometer.

Odometer not Working

If only your odometer is not working, then the dash cluster may be the culprit. Should you need to replace it, here are the instructions for replacing the dash cluster. Start by parking your vehicle on a level surface and setting the parking brake.

* Turn the ignition to the ‘on’ position. Place your foot on the brake and tilt the steering wheel down if your vehicle is equipped with a tilt wheel. Shift the vehicle into the lowest position on the shifter.

* Depending upon your model, the instrument panel bezel will be held into place by bolts, screws or clips. If you have clips, you can pull the bezel off the front, but if you have screws or bolts, you will need to use the proper tools to remove the bezel. After you have it off, set it aside.

* Unbolt the gauge cluster and unplug it.

* Replace the gauge cluster with a new one and plug it back in and bolt it back into place.

* Replace the bezel.

* Shift your vehicle into ‘Park’ and turn it off.

This should take care of the odometer not working. If it does not, you may need to contact your dealership for more assistance. In some cases, the ECM may have a software problem that requires the assistance of a technician at the dealership.

It may be possible that the connection between the wiring harness and the cluster is loose. If you suspect that the cluster is fine, but the connection is bad, you can fix that by following the steps above to disconnect the cluster. You can add white Lithium grease into the connection holes, then wipe the excess grease off the connector before plugging it back in.

Odometers with old-style cables may need to have cables replaced. Check to ensure that the cable is still connected or replace if it is a bad cable.